Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pictures From Seattle

My sister took me shopping in Seattle for my birthday (belated, yes, but still delightful). It was a beautiful day, and we had a lovely time that has given much food for writing! It's my opinion that the fun little moments make or break a book, and now I have more of my own moments to pull from, we have yet to see the results they produce though...

The only things I actually bought were two Elizabeth Gaskell books, "North & South" and "Wives & Daughters" and flowers for my mommy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fairest : A Book Review

 Fairest Cover.jpg

So, I tend to ramble, and ruin plots because I like to know what to expect in a work of fiction. I actually like those long blog posts that give away half of the plot of a book or movie. Especially if there is an element of sadness to it. That, however, is beside the point and a whole other story I'm just gonna drop now.

SO, to explain, no there is too much, let me sum up.

Yes. This is a book I recommend. It is third in the "Enchanted" series (You know, Ella Enchanted) And if you are thinking something like ''Oh, the movie was pretty 'young', I didn't really like it all that much". Then you need to go read the book. The book is better. (Ohh, I hate saying that, I really try not to compare books and movies of the same title anymore, but the book is just better!)

I really like historical fiction/fantasy that has no real set time or era. The un-specificity (It's a word, but don't look it up, I may be wrong) of it appeals to me as a reader because I feel more like I could be part of it. Unfortunately, try as I may, that is something I never can quite feel when I read Jane Austen. Not completely anyway.

Well, anyway, despite this series being written for a younger set of readers, think tweens-early teens, I never feel like it's too watered down for me or anything like that. Now, given, it is a quick read. But it is well written and I think anyone willing to enjoy themselves