Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ramblling Observations #4

1) Happy endings do not inspire me. I love happy endings, don't get me wrong. I also strongly dislike sad endings. Or any ending that doesn't end perfectly. (I know I've said this before, I read to escape the bad stuff in real life. I don't want to read "real life stories" I know they exsist without it being pointed out!) But, for all that, when I watch a happy ending, it doesn't make me want to go write anything. Maybe I feel like I can't do anything better. I don't really truly know why this is, so I'll stop guessing and keep this shortish (Too late!). However, when I watch something with an unsatisfying ending, this doesn't just mean a dying hero, it could mean that the heroine is in love with the wrong guy, the one who totally doesn't deserve her (but in that case does she really deserve the REAL hero? Another time maybe...)

2) I want to dye my hair BLUE... A good arguement against it is that it isn't a very modest choice. (The definiton of modest I am refferring to is that modest attire is attire that doesn't draw attention to oneself just to be in the center of things) And so I probably never will dye my hair blue, or pink, or orange (another color  really want to do but this wouldn't be such a drastic change from what I've got now). However, to me, hair color has become like another accessory, probably because it has become so easy to change. So for me, the desire to have weird blue hair isn't to have everyone look at me (this would happen but as I hardly go anywhere other then church people would get used to it), but rather the desire to express my oddness, my 'eccentricitee'. Don't worry, I've already pointed out to myself that there are other ways of doing so.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tiptoe through the tulips

There is a lot going on in this first photo (which is great a snapshotnot so much as a piece of art...)
I love the lamp posts in Port Townsend (for that is where we were) and all the buildings,which you can't really see here. My neice kept calling the old-fashioned buildings on the cliff "castles" :)

See? Aren't the buildings gorgeous? They are almost all like this along the waterfront, so day-dreamy...sigh

Did you catch the name of this beautiful flower?
Here, lets get closer...

This just made me smile, and I hope it does the same for all you TSP fans out there reading this, because there are soooo many!! (Ahem, sarcasm, I know that only the truly discerning blog reader reads my posts. SARCASM again!! Don't worry I'm not quite that vain)

I don't really like any of the pictures of me....sorry, I'm just not that photogenic, so photos of me being posted are rare indeed.

P.S. Does usuing italics make you feel like Emily (of new moon?). I can't help it sometimes, the italics just come, for it is the only way to express myself!

Ta! Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Happenings

What I'm reading : Eight Cousins by Louisa May Allcott

What I'm listening to : Kari Jobe, Starfield, and Jeremy Camp

What I last watched : Clue

What I'm quoting : Absolutely nothing, at present. 

What I'm memorizing :
John 22:24 Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me; for You loved Me before the foundations of the earth.
What I'm working on : Downsizing a skirt my niece wanted. Yes, still...

What I'm anticipating : Finally being done with the nerves and anticipation of getting my license...hopefully this Wednesday...

Coming soon : Pictures from my trip to the tulip fields with my sisters. (+ my niece and nephew and the youngest-older sister's hubby)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rambling Observations #3

1) Hard things do get easier, if you let them. Or keep trying to succeed at them.

2)  Candlelight and sunset light make nearly everything beautiful. It still amazes me when I see an ugly, dead, twisted, tree (and they can be ugly and unsightly, despite what Marianne says) in the fading light of the setting sun it transforms into a thing of beauty!

3) I really haven't been as contemplative as usual this week.... Hopefully there will be more next week :)

4) You should read this... written by a literary friend of mine, and as far as I know, unfortunately she does not write her own blog...

Here I sit. The sun is preparing to slumber. The wind is rustling slightly among the surrounding trees, who seem to dance around the golden campfire that lights up the world. It's quiet, but everything is making music. All of nature is participating in the dance of dusk. Birds are sleepily singing their part of the choir. The body of water by which I sit is bursting with life. Insects glide across the surface of glass, while jumping fish break the solid portal to a different world. It's a symphony, all around me are the musicians, I the spectator, and God is the conductor.
While I am by myself, I am by no means alone. The small creatures of which we share this world, seem to be sharing their little heaven with me, warily keeping their distance. A masked thief with glowing eyes comes seeking food. I hear the distant cry of a coyote, and the the distinguished hoot of an owl. The cleansing smell of earth and pine fill my nostrils, spreading to my very core. A rush of tingling races across my spine as a burst of chilly wind brushes past me.
I feel the grass beneath my bare feet, the original carpet. It's cold, but relaxing as I push my toes back and forth till I feel the moist dirt. Among this beauty there are no cars, no cellphones, no worries, no time. Just this ongoing song of nature, this is where I am, this is were I sit.

- Rachel Owensby (Friend of the blog author)
But it was too lovely not to share with you, so I got her permission.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Book Review: Edmund Bertram's Diary

Snatched from a Google search

Alright, to start, I'll just save ou the time and trouble of reading my post and say, yes, I liked it, I will read it again I'm sure, and I do recommend it.

Now, the rest of this may contain spoilers, but if you haven't read Mansfield Park,what in the world are you doing reading a post about a sort of sequel to it? Well, with that said, this is the first and last warning about spoilers.

Some of  the things I disliked about this book were the "subtle" referrences to other Jane Austen stories. An example of this, Mrs. Norris speaking of Henry Crawford after the second or third meeting.

"After the second meeting I thought him not so very plain, and after dining at the Parsonage yesterday, I find I consider him to be one of the handsomest men of my acquaintance. He has so much contenance, and his teeth are so good, and he is so well made, that he is a great addtion to our circle.  
See? Even Edmund agrees!

I mean, really? I half expected to read, "His teeth are tolerable I suppose." Maybe I'm loopy and just don't remember that this was indeed in the original, is this so? (I did go look a little, but I couldn't find the passage)
 Basically, little technical issues like that were all I disliked in the book, but if they are all over the place they can ruin a book. So, just be prepared for little ''groaners'' in the book if you read it and you will be fine.

Now, the things I liked about this book are much more numorous then the dislikes. For one, Ms. Grange did not try to make Fanny out as a anything less (or more, if you will) then a weak, easily fatigued, shy, even sickly at times, little creature who wanted nothing more then to spend a day with a certain gentleman she loved and not be bothered by a certain gentleman she didn't.
  Example, the scene in which Edmund spends too much time teaching Miss Crawford to ride, in both movies she paces while waiting for them to return. She doesn't do that in the book. She is too tired to do such a thing because she is prone to headaches if she is out too long. (Cutting roses for her Aunt Norris...)

The second thing that I really liked about this book was that it showed me a side of Edmund that made me like him more. This book brought to my attention what I had managed to overlook every time I had read Mansfield Park before. That is, at every opportunity he did what was best for Fanny (You know, except when he tells her of his ''undying'' love for Mary Crawford). If it came down to a choice between Fanny or Mary, Edmund chose Fanny. I like him much better after reading this, for every circumstance in EB'sD  that applies to this was taken directly out of MP.
"I came to walk with you Fanny." I said. I drew her arm into mine companionably, but I was disturbed to find that she did not lean against me, as was her custom.

Several other things that I am glad of include Sir Thomas Bertram's portrayal. Since we see him from his son's eyes we see a man that tries to be gentle, and though he fails at times he is an affectionate man, in his own way. He is only plagued by his eldest son's debts, and his business problems in Antigua. Also, Ms. Grange did a wonderful job of keeping the language from being too flowery, as this is supposed to be a man's diary. And it didn't sound like she tried to hard to word things Just as Jane would have, however, it still flowed nicely with the dialogue directly from MP.

I have decided that this is not  re-lister on, it has indeed found it's permanent home upon my shelves. So much for that idea...

Ta! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nerves are not helpful

 I woke up this morning freaking out on the inside. I wanted to go out to the yard and run around in circles with my hands in the air yelling incoherant things at the top of my lungs. And I would have to if I'd have thought it would have helped at all. Instead I just paced my bedroom floorand worried. Needlessly.
 You see, I was supposed to take the drive test again today (Yes, I told you this last week too, but it didn't happen because my mom was in Seattle unexpectedly and my Dad couldn't get out of work)
  Anyway, I was nervous. Turns out I have a whole new week to sit and stew and be nervous.
 You see, in order to take this test, one has to possess certain documents, which had recently been renewed and replaced. However, the new ones aren't valid until four days from today. 
 Oh! But while I was sitting here at home (before all of the above happened) I was daydreaming, yes I was, don't act so shocked (you weren't really shocked, right?). "What about?" you may ask.

Go ahead. Ask. Out loud.

I'm waiting...

I was daydreaming about writing this post. But it was happier and went somthing like this....

' This is the story of a girl who was nervous for no reason. She woke up one moring, knowing that is was an important day in her life. She was in a sense, gaining a small amount of independence. Today, she was trying for her license. Of course she passed the test and there was noting to worry about (blah blah blah). And whe she got home, there was a book in the mailbox, waiting for her to devour it! (not literally!).'

And this is closer to how is actually went.

'Somewhere in America this morning, a silly, nonsensical child woke up nervous and unsure. She was going to take her drive test, in order to get her license, but she didn't even make it that far. She parked behind the building, nervously fidgeted with her sleeves for a few minutes, and prayed like crazy till the instructor giving the test came out. The lady asked for the girls ID and some paperwork. The paperwork wasn't effective til a further date, so she was sent home.'

HOWEVER, something I didn't think would happen, did happen! I checked the mail box before we left, just in case, and lo and behold, the book was there. So I shall soon have a report to write on Edmund Bertram's Diary, by Amanda Grange.

Ta, and thanks for reading my rambles!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rambling Observations #2

I believe this is actually the third "ramblings" post I've done, but the first one had a different name, so I am only calling this the second. Anyway, I really enjoy writing down my slightly odd observations on the world. So, I think I will make this a regular week-ending feature. Throughout the week as I see things or think of things to be said, I will write them up in a little post and save it, to be posted on wither a Saturday or a Sunday. I'm not going to commit to either day, because it will a week by week deision, based on lots of different things....La! I knew "ramblings" was the pefect name, but then that is true of most of us writers.
 So without furthur ado.....

 I ordered my first book from! I requested Edmund Bertrum's Diary by Amanda Grange. I wanted my first book to be something I might be willing to part with and re-list when I am finished with it. (I started with Edmund, 1. because that's all they had 2. Because if I don't like the authors style of writing then at least she hasn't ruined my favorite hero for me, AKA Wentworth) I am not usually a fan of any "sequal" or continuation of anything that isn't written by the original author, and at first I was nervous about even trying this series because of that fact. However, due to many other bloggers reviews of various installments, I thought I'd try it.

As I read more Jane Austen I realize that her books frustrate me. WAIT!! hold the tomatoes for just a minute, please. I didn't really mean her books, I meant her characters. At least some of them do. You see, Catherine Morland is too naive, and slightly ridiculous at times, but of course that was the point. Elizabeth Bennet prides herself on her good sense, but is she really using good sense when she judges Darcy and Wickham? NO! Of course, that was the point in that work as well.... Okay, so I think I've said this before about Catherine, but what I believe really annoys me is that I see these characteristics in myself, I relate much too well to the annoying, immature, ridiculous sides of these woman. And not very much to the good characteristics. (Have you put the tomatoes down yet?)

3) I am a nerd. There is no denying it. Somtimes I am a Star Trek nerd, sometimes a "Jane-ite", Sometimes a Legend of ZELDA wacko, (NEVER ever a science nerd). But always a nerd.

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday!

What I'm reading : Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

What I'm listening to : Stone to Stone by Emily Moldy

What I last watched : My Fair Lady

What I'm quoting : The Princess Bride

What I'm memorizing : (italics & caps added by me)
 2 Timothy 1:12 "For this reason, I also suffer these things; nevertheless I AM NOT ASHAMED, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is ABLE TO KEEP what I have committed to Him till that day.

What I'm working on : Downsizing a skirt my niece wanted.

What I'm anticipating : Edmund Bertram's Diary By Amanda Grange is being sent to me from and I'm taking my drive test this Wednesday at two o' clock! Jeepers!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

DYI: Journal - Planner

More or less, this is what the journal looked like when I first bought it in a Seattle bookstore last summer. Minus the three black tabs on the side. I didn't add the elastic band holding it closed. The cover has this quote on it.

"We all have a better guide in ourselves, if we
would attend to it, than any other person can be."
 - Mansfield Park

 Inside, on the first page I added a space (the red thing) for my info in case I lost this little book.
And below it is a little illustration of Regency Era ladies. The quote that accompanies it (and there are many like this sprinkled throughout the journal) is my favorite of Jane's
"I do not want people to be agreeable as it saves me the trouble of liking them." (personal quote)

 (The sticker on the left side came from the back, I just
couldn't bear to part with it because I thought is was so funny)
 It says
"It is a truth universally aknowledged that a person in possession of many splendid ideas must be in want of a perfect place to write."

I'll do a post explaining the envelope pockets if you guys want it.
The tabs (if you can see in the picture) are for addresses, a calendar section, and a journaling/scrapbook section.

And if you are curious I edited these pictures in Paint. I kid you not.


Monday, April 9, 2012

A Poll

Which play would you rather act in/go see?
Jane Austen based
Disney film based
Other literary work based
An original work
Please Specify:
Create your own poll with LearnMyself
Just out of curiosity :) If you vote for one of the first three, please comment on the post specifically what you think would be fun to watch/act out.

Rambling Observations

1) God Loves me! I was really struck this week by the beauty of His creation. Seeing old dead branches suddenly filled with new life and gorgeous pink blossoms. The other night I was driving home with my dad, as we came around a bend that surrounds the water we live by I couldn't think or breathe for what I saw. The sun had just gone down, mostly, the light wasn't all gone yet. The sky was a very deep color of blue-green, with just a little bit of light peeking up over the trees in the distance. And the water fairly glowed with the reflection. Then, to top it off, ten minutes later we caught sight of the full moon, huge and orange-y, peeking over the trees to our right. All I could think about was that the God who created all this breathtaking beauty, wants me. Forever! In His presence just sitting at His feet letting Him love me and loving Him back in the tiny miniscule way that I can. Isn't that amazing?

2) I've not been given the gift of being very vocal about my beliefs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed of them. I will not be quiet if they are challenged (at least I hope I won't). and if people ask me I could talk forever about how my Jesus loves me and wants to save everyone. But I don't like it when what I have to say is mocked or avoided. Especially when it's avoided! Because when that happens I know that people feel somewhere deep down that what I'm saying is valid. They just choose to ignore it. That is when I feel helpless. I want to smack them upside the head and then I feel so stupid  for getting so angry! How could I do that when the Lord was so genlte with me? Anyway, this my sound like a little, shy, scardey-cat girl who is afraid to tell the world that she loves Jesus, but I hope that's not true. In my head I think I'm strong enough to boldly confess Him, but I know I have yet to be truly tested.

3) I am suffering from a slight case of writer's block pertaining to doing anything creative. Confessions? No, with them I could go on and on... but I shan't bore you.

4)I want to write a play, though I don't know if I want to act I know I want to be involved in the whole theatre deal, I want to get down into a pile of musty old costumes (figuratively, I think?) and be inspired. I think it would be a good exercise for me, and I know plenty of young people who would enjoy acting, costume making, choreography, etc... It would be a good youth summer project methinks.

What do you think about all my ramblings? What are some of your weekly observations?


Friday, April 6, 2012

Quiz Answers!

Alright, answers then scores! Here you are, m'dears.

This picture is from the set of  Sense & Sensibility (2008) . And my apologies! for I've no idea what scene it came from. I'm a bit of a scatterbrain, and when I found this after searching for the 1995 version, I thought I recognized it from the earlier movie. However, I soon found that I was mistaken. I thought it was the picnic scene where Col. Brandon gets called away abruptly (which is rather silly, as that scene involded an open carriage!). So, for those of you who guessed any scene at all, I gave it to you. Sorry if that feels a little like cheating to you, if you want I can deduct points. ;)

This is Mr. Thornton's veiw of Miss Hale's carriage as she drives away from his house and Milton *takes hankerchief to eyes* ...forever!....*muffled sobbing*... and the quote is "Look back...Look back at me!" *sobbing no longer muffled(note: Thornton is not sobbing! I am at this point weeping)* It was at this point in the film (North & South) I fell in love.

This is Christine Daae engagement ring from Viscount Raoul de Chagny in The Phantom of the Opera

This is Amy Dorrit holding Arthur Clennam's button in  Little Dorrit.

Netherfield Park owned by Mr. Bingley (I almost typed Mingley) In Pride & Prejudice (1995)


Miss Laurie = 40 points
Miss Dashwood = 30 points
Melody = 30 points
I hope you enjoyed the quiz! Thank you ladies for playing, ta for now.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sink me m'dears!

Bonjour, Mon(sewer). I swear you've been takin' lessons! The cravat's a picture!

In case you haven't guessed already, I've watched The Scarlet Pimpernel for the first time. And I think I may never be the same again.
I really don't know how to collect my thoughts for this post, please forgive me. There is so much I want to say, but though all these things relate to the movie, they don't really flow together. So, I suppose I should just plow into this and see what comes of it.

Observations on The Scarlet Pimpernel  by Stephanie _____
Not that I think "they" should remake this, for I'm not sure it could be done well anymore, but don't you think maybe Johnny Depp would make a marvelous Sir Percy? I think he would suit the role very well.
I am very soon going to watch the 1932 verion of TSP because I've heard it's very good, and very sarcastic. I saw a scene where- well, here, I'll just show you.

I was laughing the whole tim I watched this clip, so I want to see the movie (The whole thing is on youtube if you want to see it.)

Isn't he handsome here? I like him better when he's in his disquises, it seems to suit him and he talks like a normal man. Though he is amusing when he is "Sir Percy"

Because I couldn't resist!

Hope you didn't get lost in the rambles! Ta for now.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Period Film Quiz

I'm inspired by how much fun I have playing Miss Laurie's period film games, so I'm going to do one. The rules are as follows...
 You can guess once for every picture or question. If you aren't sure just guess the rest and come back later. I've set the comments to send me emails in order to keep your guesses hidden, so no peeking! Each picture comes with two questions worth five (5) points each. A total of fifty (50) points for anwering all questions correctly.
 I couldn't decide what kind of quiz this would be so it's rather a jumble of a game. Still, I hope you enjoy.

1) Which movie set is this? What scene?

2)Whose (partial) view is this? What is the accompanying movie line?

3) Whose jewelry is this? Who is it from?

4) Whose button is this? Who is holding it?

5) Whose house is this? What is it called?

Thanks for playing!