Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Emerald City Comic-Con

I cannot tell you how excited I was to be able to go to Emerald City Comic-Con (henceforth referred to as ECCC)  this year! It's been something I very much wanted to do for the past few years but I hadn't had the time, money, transportation, &tc...

This year, however, things changed! 

Late last year, how I cannot recall, ECCC was brought to my attention. Having a new job and very few monetary responsibilities I knew I could afford going. But the struggle to find a character to co-splay soon drove the idea from my mind. Then, about a month and a half ago, looking through the "Geek" section of Pinterest* I remember my plans. I was soon foiled again! It seemed our churches women's retreat was scheduled for the Saturday that I had planned to go!! Tragedy had struck, for I would not skip either work or church to go on Friday or Sunday. It was never something I considered as an option. (Thank you, Dad & Mom for instilling love for the Lord and respect for those I work for/with into my thick skull) 
By the time I looked at the church calendar and realized my mistake, for you see the retreat is next Saturday, it was too late!! Tickets for ECCC were sold out! 
As the week wore on I struggled to contain my frustration and disappointment. How could I have not thought to check the schedule sooner?? Why do I not carry a pocket calendar in my purse to avoid such misunderstandings, as my mother so sweetly suggests?? 
I trudged to work every day, knowing that I had missed my chance this year, and that I had no one to blame but myself. I am ashamed to admit I did my fair amount of complaining. (I don't like that expression, is any amount of complaining fair? First world problems! anyway...) Mostly to my fellow infant room worker. But also to my boss. As it turns out, she wasn't able to go to ECCC as planned (But she was planning on it! How cool is that? I work with pretty cool people, let me just tell you that right now) Well, she had given her ticket to a family member, but her daughter and son-in-law were debating going because their little one wasn't feeling well. My boss told her daughter of my disappointment and the next thing I knew, I had two tickets to comic-con in my hands. 
Well, not literally, because she had to go home and print the tickets off, but you know what I mean. 

So that is how I ended up with Saturday tickets for ECCC on Friday!!

So, here is the conglomeration of photographs from the event.
They are kind of a jumbled mess. I apologize
Batman and the Joker
Maybe Peggy from Captain America? Well, she is gorgeous anyway.
Mustache hawker, and just plain cool dude
Arthur Dent
I want these on my bookshelf. I really do.
Wonder  WomMan
Jack Sparrow helping Mario with his map. Note: Capt. Jack walked around behind Mario all day carrying the floating box for Mario's pictures.

Princess Leia. Her books title is "Galactic Rebellion for Dummies"
Eleven and Nine (Too bad they aren't swapped, then it'd be 9-11 bahahaha...I crack myself up!)
Trekkies with a Tribble!!

Jedi Knights!
Amy Pond

Ten and the Master

Another one!
Kim Possible

Monday, March 4, 2013

Outfit Post

I apologize for the blurry photo, but it is the best I could do this morning. I also apologize for the
 ''instagram-esque'' filters.  I'll find something better very soon!

sweater ~ thrift store
shirt ~ thrift store
lace tank ~ Romy's
leggings (the red velvet ones!!) ~ from my mom
flats ~ thrift store
bag ~ thrift store

I was going for a 1940's/sailor vibe, but the victory roll wouldn't roll, and my red lipstick went missing.
Working at a daycare I have to find clothes that are comfortable and function-able. By the end of the day I felt like I had found one of my new favorite ensembles. This outfit felt as comfortable as pajamas without feeling as lazy as pajamas.