Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Introverts Guide to Interacting With An Extrovert

By Stephanie W.

Okay, bear with me. This may be a bit of an adventure. And I would love any corrections or advice you have when you are finished reading this! 

I want to begin by saying that I am a work in progress, and that I don't have years of study in the fields of human behavior to back me up, so take what I say here tonight with a grain of salt.
But here are some things I find make it easier to get along with my extroverted friends.
Honestly, first and foremost, I think we introverts can be a little bit snobbish. So to you extroverts reading this, I humbly beg your pardon. 
But, snobbish? Well, yes! Think about it. We get upset when our exuberant friend doesn't understand that we just want to stay at home this Saturday night. And they keep wanting to introduce us to new people, twenty at a time!! Because, yaay, it's fun! (See, there I go, sarcastically judging them...)  
But when have we tried to understand them? There are numerous things like this out there


Yeah... and many more... but there are only a few charts for extroverts.  Except the ones that compare introversion to extroversion. 
Why is this? Because we think that others should conform to us, rather then the other way around. I think we should compromise. Because we can't change ourselves and be extroverted and they can't change and be completely introverted. So how do we do this?

First, be patient. Humble yourself a little bit. Know that for some it is very hard to understand that not everyone in the world likes to spend every waking moment in the spotlight.
So, patiently explain that you are tired and the only way you know how to recharge is by being alone.
Second, when they ask if you want to hang out and you know that you just aren't up to it this time, try to make plans for the not so near future. This helps them understand that it's not them personally, and it helps you determine how to plan out your week so you will have time and energy to be social next time.
 That's all I've got for you, but if you have any suggestions or corrections please comment!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Book Review: The Shannon Saga by Tracie Peterson and James Scott Bell

 Well, it seems like I've done a lot of film reviews lately.
And by "lately" I mean "whenever I remember I need to post I take the lazy way out and think of the movie I watched most recently" 
But anyway, I read awhile ago this trilogy by Peterson and Bell and I meant to review over the summer and failed to. So with only minor ado....

One last thing, I'm switching up my normal review format because this is a trilogy and I don't want to review one at a time. 

Book One: City of Angels

I am a hard person to please when it come to modern historical fiction, because many authors tend to write more "fluff" then the gritty substance that was everyday life in other eras. Authors tend to paint life back in the day as more romantic then it really was. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised by this book and its sequels. 
Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that this series isn't happy, or that it doesn't have a good ending. Rather that it seems a little more true to the hardships of the time then most historical fiction. 
So, City of Angels is about young woman, Kathleen, or Kit, Shannon who moves to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming a lawyer, in a world where women are expected to stay at home, marry rich, and have lots of children. 
Without spoiling it, this first installment is about her struggle to begin and her first trial.
The details of the trial get somewhat explicit (I cannot give you more information because it has been a few months since I read this and I do not own it) and there are some adult themes. But for a mature young adult, this is a good read.

Book Two: Angels Flight 

I was skeptical about reading this because I tend to shy away from book series'. I fell that all too often they get dragged out much further then need be, and don't usually end to my satisfaction. However, I was surprised by this book and by the end, eager to read the third book. 
Of course the main theme of the book is Kit Shannon's second solo trial (She had previously been working behind the scenes with a mentor). She defends a man who is accused of rape and assault, whom she believes to be innocent. One of the things that makes this a big deal in the book is that he is a Mexican in a very prejudiced time and place.
 A minor theme, though one just as important to pay attention to is Kathleen's struggle accepting romantic attentions from a young man she cares for, who does not share her deep faith.

Book Three: Angel of Mercy

  I thoroughly enjoyed this final book in the Shannon Saga. The continuing story of Kit's struggle to bring the young man she cares for to Christ without accepting attentions she feels she shouldn't reciprocate is resolved. (I'm not going to say anything further on that, you'll just have to read it) Also she struggled with the feelings she had for a friendly and well to do young man who not only meets her aunt's requirements for a good match, but also seems to share her faith.
And while the above may make this book sound just like one of the "fluffy" historical fictions I earlier mentioned, it's more prominent theme may make you think otherwise.
Kathleen struggles when an old adversary (an opposing lawyer, who isn't afraid of fighting dirty, and somewhat illegally) asks her to represent him when he is accused of murder. Can she represent a man who she feels may be guilty?

Overall I recommend this series to any mature young adult. With the details of the trials being somewhat explicit at times I would not recommend them to young teens or those extra sensitive to violence.  

Have you read these? Have you read others by these authors? If so, what do you recommend I read next?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Film Review: Much Ado About Nothing (2012)

Four out of five stars
Rated PG-13

Okay, so when I heard that one of my favorite directors was doing another film adaptation of my favorite Shakespearean work, and that the actor who portrayed everyone's favorite S.H.I.E.L.D.  agent would be playing a part in it, I admit I obsessed over it for about six months. Stalking my iTunes store "new release" list, watching YouTube (I know, if I found it I would be watching it illegally....), and Netflix.
But eventually, life trudged on (as is this post, I do apologize and I'll get to it soon) and I forgot about the thing entirely.
So, it took me by surprise when I was searching for a movie to watch last Friday night, there it was! I promptly purchased it.
Yes, yes, yes! Elements that make this  movie interesting include (but are not limited to...)
* It's in black and white
* It still follows (almost word for word) Shakespeare's original script--
*Although it was set in modern times!!
*And strangely, it works!!!

And these actors were perfect in their roles. Nathan Fillion as Dogberry. I never thought I would be happy with any other actor besides Michael Keaton in this role, but I was mistaken. I think both actors are equally suited to this role.
(He has most of my favorite lines in MAAN)
See? Doesn't he just look a little bit ridiculous?

 Erm, I mean Leonato ...
He just made me happy in this role. That is all.

This is hands down, the funniest scene in the film. I laughed hysterically both times I watched it. (Yes, I watch movies two times in the same number of days sometimes... I wouldn't want to review a movie I've only seen once, I may not give a complete review!) 

In conclusion, this movie has a PG-13 rating for a reason folks, aside from the adult themes of extra-marital sex, Joss did maybe take it a bit to far with those scenes, if you know what I mean. But they are easily skipped, and not much is missed by way of conversation. The plot is still easily followed. I heartily agree with it's rating. 
Now, get watching!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Beautiful Song

Hello all! I just wanted to pop in and show you all a song. If you only read one last post on my blog, please, please take a moment and listen to this song. It is a beautiful, simple presentation of the Gospel message. If you take just a moment from your day and listen. This song asks the single most important question you could ask yourself in your lifetime. Just food for thought.

Bless Jesus!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

...Clever Title??...

 So, guess who just signed up for several book review sites? That's right, me!  I like free books. I'll do some things for them. Not anything, because even saying that is just stupid. (Anybody else out there watch Once Upon a Time? I feel like if I say I'll do anything Rumple just might pop out and try to make a deal with me) Anyway, I decided it was a win-win situation to sign up for these things. If I get accepted I am sent free books to review and I am forced to post more frequently, if I am not accepted (rejected is just such a harsh word) then I can go back to being lazy with this blog and only post sporadically. Anyway, it was wonderful of you to pop in for a visit and I hope to see more of you soon, dearie.