Monday, August 11, 2014

Bucket List: Fountain Play

So, on the surface, I have not accomplished a lot of what I set out to do this summer with my bucket list. 
 By the time summer turns to fall, I will have maybe accomplished a third of the things on my list. 

But one thing I have done, I think, is grasp the idea behind my list. Which is to live this summer to its fullest. 
  And with BBQs, camp outs, a mini road trip (I still need to write a post for...), late night swims, and so much more, my summer has been full!

I'm so grateful for my parents patience with me this summer. Allowing me to be somewhat irresponsible and crazy. They've tried to show me how to balance my summer fun with a fair amount of work. I hope I've learned more then I feel like I have. 

I'm also grateful for friends, old and new. I've forged many new friendships this summer. I've met people every bit as crazy as I am. And when that happens, they aren't so quick to run away when they see how weird you fact, they usually join in. 

I want to thank you guys for reading my posts, and giving me something to look forward to when I write them. I'd love to hear what you've been doing this summer! I hope to catch up on y'all's posts soon, but right now I don't have a computer, and my phone only let's me do so much. 

So comment with your summer highlights! Have you been camping? Swimming? Working? Riding? Or simply chillin in a hammock with a great book? 

These kids are weird... I'm not sure what's with the tongues...

Thanks for reading!!