Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fear of Water

Heart pounding in my throat, my palms feel clammy as I look down past my feet. The water ripples and sloshes against the dock. 
I can't believe I'm doing this. Why am I doing this? 
Time has run out and I know I'm being watched as I toe the edge. 
There is no turning back. 
I jump and life around me is moving in slow motion. Voices rise and fall but the rush of blood through my veins impairs my ability to distinguish any words. My toe pierces the water and one word flashes to my brain.


Before another word can replace it time snaps back into place and my whole body plunges into the depths. 

The water covers my head. Water is at my eyes, nose and lips. I kick my feet. My hands move over my head. I can't feel the air. 
I'm too deep.
Don't panic. Swim. Don't Panic. Swim.
I break the surface and take a gulp of fresh air. 
I feel the smile on my face. 

I did it.

(I took the cold water challenge, though the thought of submerging my head in frigid water nearly induces a panic attack. However, I won't be sharing the video as I have tagged friends in it, using their full names. But I wanted to take this opportunity to do some writing, hope you find it...interesting.)