Saturday, October 12, 2013

...Clever Title??...

 So, guess who just signed up for several book review sites? That's right, me!  I like free books. I'll do some things for them. Not anything, because even saying that is just stupid. (Anybody else out there watch Once Upon a Time? I feel like if I say I'll do anything Rumple just might pop out and try to make a deal with me) Anyway, I decided it was a win-win situation to sign up for these things. If I get accepted I am sent free books to review and I am forced to post more frequently, if I am not accepted (rejected is just such a harsh word) then I can go back to being lazy with this blog and only post sporadically. Anyway, it was wonderful of you to pop in for a visit and I hope to see more of you soon, dearie.

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