Monday, April 9, 2012

Rambling Observations

1) God Loves me! I was really struck this week by the beauty of His creation. Seeing old dead branches suddenly filled with new life and gorgeous pink blossoms. The other night I was driving home with my dad, as we came around a bend that surrounds the water we live by I couldn't think or breathe for what I saw. The sun had just gone down, mostly, the light wasn't all gone yet. The sky was a very deep color of blue-green, with just a little bit of light peeking up over the trees in the distance. And the water fairly glowed with the reflection. Then, to top it off, ten minutes later we caught sight of the full moon, huge and orange-y, peeking over the trees to our right. All I could think about was that the God who created all this breathtaking beauty, wants me. Forever! In His presence just sitting at His feet letting Him love me and loving Him back in the tiny miniscule way that I can. Isn't that amazing?

2) I've not been given the gift of being very vocal about my beliefs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed of them. I will not be quiet if they are challenged (at least I hope I won't). and if people ask me I could talk forever about how my Jesus loves me and wants to save everyone. But I don't like it when what I have to say is mocked or avoided. Especially when it's avoided! Because when that happens I know that people feel somewhere deep down that what I'm saying is valid. They just choose to ignore it. That is when I feel helpless. I want to smack them upside the head and then I feel so stupid  for getting so angry! How could I do that when the Lord was so genlte with me? Anyway, this my sound like a little, shy, scardey-cat girl who is afraid to tell the world that she loves Jesus, but I hope that's not true. In my head I think I'm strong enough to boldly confess Him, but I know I have yet to be truly tested.

3) I am suffering from a slight case of writer's block pertaining to doing anything creative. Confessions? No, with them I could go on and on... but I shan't bore you.

4)I want to write a play, though I don't know if I want to act I know I want to be involved in the whole theatre deal, I want to get down into a pile of musty old costumes (figuratively, I think?) and be inspired. I think it would be a good exercise for me, and I know plenty of young people who would enjoy acting, costume making, choreography, etc... It would be a good youth summer project methinks.

What do you think about all my ramblings? What are some of your weekly observations?


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