Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Period Film Quiz

I'm inspired by how much fun I have playing Miss Laurie's period film games, so I'm going to do one. The rules are as follows...
 You can guess once for every picture or question. If you aren't sure just guess the rest and come back later. I've set the comments to send me emails in order to keep your guesses hidden, so no peeking! Each picture comes with two questions worth five (5) points each. A total of fifty (50) points for anwering all questions correctly.
 I couldn't decide what kind of quiz this would be so it's rather a jumble of a game. Still, I hope you enjoy.

1) Which movie set is this? What scene?

2)Whose (partial) view is this? What is the accompanying movie line?

3) Whose jewelry is this? Who is it from?

4) Whose button is this? Who is holding it?

5) Whose house is this? What is it called?

Thanks for playing!


  1. Miss Dashwood, thanks for playing!
    You guessed the wrong adaptaion on the first picture, but I'll still give you five points. Everything else that you guess was correct, giving you a total of 30 points. Feel free to guess at the third picture!

    And I'm sorry I forgot to mention, I'll post answers Friday.

  2. Melody, thanks for playing!
    All your guesses were correct, you have a total of 30 points. Feel free to guess on the first and third pictures :)

  3. Very interesting game! I love playing this type of game even more than making them! :)

    1. Glad you like it :) Can't wait to see your guesses.

  4. Miss Laurie, thanks for playing,
    Your answers for the second, fourth, and fifth pictures were all correct. You have a total of 30 points as well!

  5. Miss Laurie,
    Your guess on number one was not correct, :( Hint: This picture isn't from anything "by" that author.

  6. Miss Laurie,
    Your guess on the first picture is correct! I'll give you the points for what scene it came from (I'm a softy!)
    Your "guess" on the ring picture had me laughing, but as you know, I'm sure, it wasn't correct. :) your score is now 40.


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