Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ramblling Observations #4

1) Happy endings do not inspire me. I love happy endings, don't get me wrong. I also strongly dislike sad endings. Or any ending that doesn't end perfectly. (I know I've said this before, I read to escape the bad stuff in real life. I don't want to read "real life stories" I know they exsist without it being pointed out!) But, for all that, when I watch a happy ending, it doesn't make me want to go write anything. Maybe I feel like I can't do anything better. I don't really truly know why this is, so I'll stop guessing and keep this shortish (Too late!). However, when I watch something with an unsatisfying ending, this doesn't just mean a dying hero, it could mean that the heroine is in love with the wrong guy, the one who totally doesn't deserve her (but in that case does she really deserve the REAL hero? Another time maybe...)

2) I want to dye my hair BLUE... A good arguement against it is that it isn't a very modest choice. (The definiton of modest I am refferring to is that modest attire is attire that doesn't draw attention to oneself just to be in the center of things) And so I probably never will dye my hair blue, or pink, or orange (another color  really want to do but this wouldn't be such a drastic change from what I've got now). However, to me, hair color has become like another accessory, probably because it has become so easy to change. So for me, the desire to have weird blue hair isn't to have everyone look at me (this would happen but as I hardly go anywhere other then church people would get used to it), but rather the desire to express my oddness, my 'eccentricitee'. Don't worry, I've already pointed out to myself that there are other ways of doing so.

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  1. My sister dyed her hair blue last year:) It kind of had a green tint for a while after that, though.


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