Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rambling Observations #3

1) Hard things do get easier, if you let them. Or keep trying to succeed at them.

2)  Candlelight and sunset light make nearly everything beautiful. It still amazes me when I see an ugly, dead, twisted, tree (and they can be ugly and unsightly, despite what Marianne says) in the fading light of the setting sun it transforms into a thing of beauty!

3) I really haven't been as contemplative as usual this week.... Hopefully there will be more next week :)

4) You should read this... written by a literary friend of mine, and as far as I know, unfortunately she does not write her own blog...

Here I sit. The sun is preparing to slumber. The wind is rustling slightly among the surrounding trees, who seem to dance around the golden campfire that lights up the world. It's quiet, but everything is making music. All of nature is participating in the dance of dusk. Birds are sleepily singing their part of the choir. The body of water by which I sit is bursting with life. Insects glide across the surface of glass, while jumping fish break the solid portal to a different world. It's a symphony, all around me are the musicians, I the spectator, and God is the conductor.
While I am by myself, I am by no means alone. The small creatures of which we share this world, seem to be sharing their little heaven with me, warily keeping their distance. A masked thief with glowing eyes comes seeking food. I hear the distant cry of a coyote, and the the distinguished hoot of an owl. The cleansing smell of earth and pine fill my nostrils, spreading to my very core. A rush of tingling races across my spine as a burst of chilly wind brushes past me.
I feel the grass beneath my bare feet, the original carpet. It's cold, but relaxing as I push my toes back and forth till I feel the moist dirt. Among this beauty there are no cars, no cellphones, no worries, no time. Just this ongoing song of nature, this is where I am, this is were I sit.

- Rachel Owensby (Friend of the blog author)
But it was too lovely not to share with you, so I got her permission.

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