Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nerves are not helpful

 I woke up this morning freaking out on the inside. I wanted to go out to the yard and run around in circles with my hands in the air yelling incoherant things at the top of my lungs. And I would have to if I'd have thought it would have helped at all. Instead I just paced my bedroom floorand worried. Needlessly.
 You see, I was supposed to take the drive test again today (Yes, I told you this last week too, but it didn't happen because my mom was in Seattle unexpectedly and my Dad couldn't get out of work)
  Anyway, I was nervous. Turns out I have a whole new week to sit and stew and be nervous.
 You see, in order to take this test, one has to possess certain documents, which had recently been renewed and replaced. However, the new ones aren't valid until four days from today. 
 Oh! But while I was sitting here at home (before all of the above happened) I was daydreaming, yes I was, don't act so shocked (you weren't really shocked, right?). "What about?" you may ask.

Go ahead. Ask. Out loud.

I'm waiting...

I was daydreaming about writing this post. But it was happier and went somthing like this....

' This is the story of a girl who was nervous for no reason. She woke up one moring, knowing that is was an important day in her life. She was in a sense, gaining a small amount of independence. Today, she was trying for her license. Of course she passed the test and there was noting to worry about (blah blah blah). And whe she got home, there was a book in the mailbox, waiting for her to devour it! (not literally!).'

And this is closer to how is actually went.

'Somewhere in America this morning, a silly, nonsensical child woke up nervous and unsure. She was going to take her drive test, in order to get her license, but she didn't even make it that far. She parked behind the building, nervously fidgeted with her sleeves for a few minutes, and prayed like crazy till the instructor giving the test came out. The lady asked for the girls ID and some paperwork. The paperwork wasn't effective til a further date, so she was sent home.'

HOWEVER, something I didn't think would happen, did happen! I checked the mail box before we left, just in case, and lo and behold, the book was there. So I shall soon have a report to write on Edmund Bertram's Diary, by Amanda Grange.

Ta, and thanks for reading my rambles!

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  1. Oh, I'm working on getting ready for my driving test as well! I hope you get to take it and be done soon. Technical delays are frustrating. How nice that the book was in the mailbox, though! :-)


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