Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rambling Observations #2

I believe this is actually the third "ramblings" post I've done, but the first one had a different name, so I am only calling this the second. Anyway, I really enjoy writing down my slightly odd observations on the world. So, I think I will make this a regular week-ending feature. Throughout the week as I see things or think of things to be said, I will write them up in a little post and save it, to be posted on wither a Saturday or a Sunday. I'm not going to commit to either day, because it will a week by week deision, based on lots of different things....La! I knew "ramblings" was the pefect name, but then that is true of most of us writers.
 So without furthur ado.....

 I ordered my first book from! I requested Edmund Bertrum's Diary by Amanda Grange. I wanted my first book to be something I might be willing to part with and re-list when I am finished with it. (I started with Edmund, 1. because that's all they had 2. Because if I don't like the authors style of writing then at least she hasn't ruined my favorite hero for me, AKA Wentworth) I am not usually a fan of any "sequal" or continuation of anything that isn't written by the original author, and at first I was nervous about even trying this series because of that fact. However, due to many other bloggers reviews of various installments, I thought I'd try it.

As I read more Jane Austen I realize that her books frustrate me. WAIT!! hold the tomatoes for just a minute, please. I didn't really mean her books, I meant her characters. At least some of them do. You see, Catherine Morland is too naive, and slightly ridiculous at times, but of course that was the point. Elizabeth Bennet prides herself on her good sense, but is she really using good sense when she judges Darcy and Wickham? NO! Of course, that was the point in that work as well.... Okay, so I think I've said this before about Catherine, but what I believe really annoys me is that I see these characteristics in myself, I relate much too well to the annoying, immature, ridiculous sides of these woman. And not very much to the good characteristics. (Have you put the tomatoes down yet?)

3) I am a nerd. There is no denying it. Somtimes I am a Star Trek nerd, sometimes a "Jane-ite", Sometimes a Legend of ZELDA wacko, (NEVER ever a science nerd). But always a nerd.

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  1. Oh I totally agree about Jane Austen's characters! I mean really Marianne Dashwood? Did you really like Willoughby that much? To go and make yourself ill?
    Also, I'm a nerd too. Never a math nerd, or a science nerd. But a music nerd, yes:-)


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