Friday, March 30, 2012

Three Very Dull Things Indeed

 So if you want to go back to doing or reading something interesting, you're excused with no hard feelings.
Lets see, what should I start with? Well...maybe something not so dull.
 I watched The Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister  awhile back and I really enjoyed it.  So when I saw  the book it was based on sitting upon the shelves of the local Goodwill, I snatched it right up. It may be awhile before Iget around to reading it because I've two new-to-me books on my list ahead of it. (Did a little research on this guy and I wouldn't recommend a lot by him...FYI)

Grabbed off of Wikipedia's page

*Do you ever find that you have a difficult time reading something for the first time? I don't mean modern books, because we have lost the art of using "good strong words that mean something". But for my own part, I put off reading something, even if I'm sure I'll like it, because I know that those first few chapters will seem to drag on before it gets good. Then I gallop along at alarming speed and find myself breathlessly arrived at the end. wondering where in the world did the time go? And where did my tea disappear to?

Woah! Boy did I get off track or what?! coming on all these books, hopefully someday. Till then, I'll just read yours.

Okay, next very dull thing.  Have any of you ever heard of or I'm really interested in doing both of these things if it's "legit" (ugh, cannot believe I just said that!) The biggest thing is that they say free all over the place, but my Dad's words of wisdom concerning "free" things is that "Nothing is truly free (Implied: Save salvation and air) It always costs you something..." I lesson I well know, as I found something "free" which gave me a virus! Yikes!
  Oh boy... I did it again... Um, back to what I was asking. If you have more information on these websites and what they do, and are willing to let me know what you know, 'twould be grand! Especially if you have done one or both of these things and had problems. Thanks!
 (Hehe, enter shameless self promoting! If I do end up doing these things, I need at least thirty (30) followers to do and I am currently only at twenty (20). If you could recommend me to anyone you think would enjoy reading my nonsense, that would be wonderful.)

Third little bit, I'm reading Anne of Windy Poplars whenever I need a break from the heavy reading of Dickens, and I forgot howw perfectly delightful Anne and Gilbert are when they are finally together! So very sweet.

Anywho, Thanks for reading (If you made it this far) and Ta for now!


  1. My sister and I do the paperbackswap and it is pretty much free. Unless you buy extra credits from the site, the only thing you have to pay for is the postage when you send a book, which you don't have to pay for to receive a book. :)

    1. Thank you! This sounds like a lot of fun! (if I can ever find books to list that I don't want anymore!)


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