Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of Snow, Hepburn, and Interviews

So I watched a very delightful movie last night (more on that later), which ended at about twelve thirty. Oh I know, for shame! A girl needs her beauty sleep! Anyway, after it was over I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and it was WHITE! *erm, the ground outside that is, not the kitchen. I didn't take any pictures last night but I did take some this morning, for your viewing pleasure.

                                              Not much of a photographer, but I hope you enjoy them.

the movie I watched last night? I'm glad you asked!

Alice Adams  which I cannot find pictures of at the moment, but my brain is so fried! I will find pictures and post very very soon, with a review! Also, an interview of one of my favorite bloggers soon!


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  1. I'm jealous! I haven't seen snow in ages. It is beautiful! :)


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