Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anne Week!

 Okay, so it's Anne week, or month, or something of the sort! I love Anne-spelled-with an-E. I'll be doing a heroine post about her because she deserves an entire post all to herself, (and probably a Gilbert gush, er, POST) but until then content yourselves with this gushing post about her "theme song". 
There is something about this song that touches me like few other songs, (pop, rock, classic, it doesn't matter) do. I hear this song and a flood of emotions and thoughts flood through my mind. It's deeply sad, yet at the same time, ready to burst with happiness. Does anyone else out there feel the same way? The composer of the theme was/is an absolute genius! I believe (feel free to disagree) that Hagood Hardy absolutely captured the spirit of the Anne series. I am now referring to the books (you may argue that the book has little to do with the music in the film, I disagree). I think that though the screenwriters/producers and everyone else involved in the decision making process maybe didn't stay completely true to the story, and absolutely abandoned it in the third installment (Yes yes, a good movie in and of itself, much like any adaptations of Mansfield Park I have ever seen), they still did a very good job capturing Anne. 
Especially the music, to get back on track. In the theme alone, not to mention the rest of the score, Hardy did a "bully" job. I don't want to spoil the series (but if you haven't read it or at the very least watched it, you are really missing out), though I will if you read on *SPOILER* The song captures the emotions of a scared orphan girl who refuses to admit that she is scared. She insists on seeing the good in everything, except Gil, oh Anne you silly fool. Every moment of the song brings back memories of tears shed (Yes, many many tears, and I won't be ashamed!) when Matthew, Ruby, Walter, and even "Rachel Lynde's husband". however it also parades before my minds eye the dearest and sweetest of friendships and romances, of which there are too many in the series to list! Overall, I think the word bittersweet describes this song to a "T", don't you? Just a wonderful song.
Well, I really enjoyed writing that did you enjoy reading it? I might do more like this. Just write about music that has moved me, unless I get a whole lot of negative feedback! So, please, tell me what you think!

Now, I'm off to go watch Anne of Green Gables, with my taller then me younger sister.
I highly recommend that you check out more from the person who made the above video (Username: TweedleDee1) He and his wife post a lot of period drama music covers that are absolutely beautiful! Though I don't condone all of the music he covers.

Ta, and thanks for stopping by.

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