Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I Love Books

" 'She won't stay long then, if I can help it.' muttered Tom, who regarded girls as a very unnecessary portion of creation. Boys of fourteen are apt to think so, and perhaps it is a wise arrangement, for, being fond of turning somersaults, they have an opportunity of indulging in a good one, metaphorically speaking, when, three or four years later, they become the abject slaves of 'those bothering girls'. "  
                                                   - Louisa May Alcott, An Old-Fashioned Girl

  This made me laugh, and this is why I read Louisa May Alcott and Jane Austen. Something about these witty, warm, and real ladies makes me smile. I can be having a very bad day, if I pick up and just have time to read a paragraph of one of their delicious (yes, I am aware that this word usually applies to food, I just had dessert I can't help it), ahem one of their delicious works, I smile. These are feel good books. You can't help but feel good when you read them. Unless you don't like to be happy. But then what in the world are you doing reading Jane Austen?? 
  By all means, read on... However, you will soon find yourself laughing out loud at the sheer comedic genius of these women! Unless you have no sense of humor, if that is the case then 1) I will be praying for you, I send you my condolences, and 2) You aren't even reading this blog, trust me, you wouldn't survive this blog if you didn't.

* thinks to self, if they have no sense of humor, and therefore aren't reading your blog, how in the world will they ever know you send your condolences? 
*answers self, It doesn't really matter does it? That is their problem so let them figure it out.

Anyway, sort of a random, rambling post. So I want to show you MORE books that I bought and make thee jealous!

I found a Gaskell! I found a Gaskell!
I found Mary Barton by Gaskell (Yeah!)  I found a Barnes and Noble printing of a couple essays of H. D. Thoreau , and more kids books to work toward completing my kid's book collection!

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