Sunday, March 4, 2012

I got an Award?

First, I'd like to thanks my mother, and my father, I never would have gotten here if it weren't for their support.... *ahem* Oops, did I really just stand on a chair and hold my brush like a miniature statue? Did I give my speech out loud? Oh no... You weren't supposed to see that. Great.

What's that? You didn't because you can't actually see me? Double great. Well then, moving on...

(I was given this a while ago, but I didn't see it till today.)

The rules of this blog award are as follows, I'm supposed  to write seven facts about myself, and then pick ten other people to award in turn. I will try for seven facts but I don't think I will be able to think of ten blogs that aren't already awarded.

 Here we go, ("deja-vu" much? )
1) I like chopsticks. Yep, I love to eat with 'em.
2) I adore gloves. I mean ladies gloves that you wear to match your dress when you go out in public. And I wish they would either come back into style or I could find an antique pair in good condition that fit.
3) I love watching "VeggieTales", and I would enjoy writing for them someday.

4) If a child draws me a picture I put it on my wall, even if I know that child will never know. I can't say "no"!
5) I am only 5 foot tall.
6) I'm super dis-organized in my own room. But I love to clean the rest of the house.
7) I tried following a meatball recipe the other day but I went completely off track because it had no garlic in it and no spices, just salt and pepper.  I cannot eat dinner without garlic in it!

 And I award!....

1) Danielle, at Within the Lenz
2) All my Friends at Obviously
3)Tessa at Tessa's Friends and Family

Honestly, that is all I could think of that I don't believe has an award yet

Thanks for reading! Ta for now.

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