Friday, March 9, 2012

Interview: Solanah

 The following is an interview of Solanah over at Vixen Vintage. She is the first blog I followed, even before I set up an account, and her wonderful wardrobe has always inspired me to dress my best! 
 I know that this is a change from the books and movies I usually write about, but I think you will enjoy it! 
P.S. This was over e-mail, so it doesn't run as smoothly as I'd like, sorry about that. :)

1) What made you decide to begin  blogging?

I had such an amazing collection of vintage clothing, and it just wasn't being appreciated as much as it should. So I wanted to share all my pretty clothes with people who might be interested. 

 2) Who was your (blogging) inspiration during the early days? And how did they inspire you?

Casey was a big one:

Two very different blogs, but Casey was one of the first vintage blogs I found, and I loved how she did outfit posts and tutorials. Pandora was possibly the first fashion blog I read, and I loved the photography. 

 3) For those reading who haven't read your blog, what made you fall in love with vintage clothing at first?

My family had a lot to do with the influence, as my aunt and sister in law were into vintage in the 80s and 90s, when it wasn't cool yet, and abundant at thrift stores. I'm lucky to have inherited most of their collections. 

 4) Could you describe your most comfortable outfit, that you might wear curled up on an easy chair to read a book in?

Most of the year it's 50s dungarees and a blouse/sweater, and in the summer it's a cotton sundress. After years of wearing things at my natural waist, I can't wear regular, modern jeans without feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Funny how comfort changes!

 5) What book might you be reading? Or if you prefer film, which one would you be watching?

I'm currently reading the complete works of Sherlock Holmes. It's massive!

 6) What are the things about that particular book/film that draw you to it?

My first real chapter book was Nancy Drew, my grandma bought it for me at a yard sale. I didn't like reading before that, but I guess I just needed a mystery to keep it interesting. Since then I've always loved mystery novels, and Sherlock Holmes is classic for a reason. Besides the given story line, I love the period quips and details that are sprinkled throughout. 

 7) Does the storyline remind you of anything about your courtship with Sam? If so what points? 

I sure hope not! 

 8) Could you tell us a little bit more about how and when you met Sam? 

We met in high school, and started dating our senior year. We weren't really friends before that or anything, just one day, I thought he was cute! I asked him out on our first date, I had never had a boyfriend or been on a date before, so I didn't know you were supposed to wait for the guy to ask you out. I don't like waiting.  

 9) You two make a very attractive couple, always so spiffy, I hope you won't mind me asking a question which is a little impertinent, but did you have an influence on his fashion choices? Or did he prefer dressing like gentleman before you met and that is what drew you to each other? 

Thanks :) I don't have an intentional influence, but he does feel the need to, in his words "keep up" with me. Which I completely encourage! His style when we met was pretty average teenage boy, and while we both love clothes, it's not a deciding factor in our relationship. 

 10) And though I am completely jumping tracks (I'll fit in in later, somewhere...) When did you first learn the name "Jane Austen"?

When I was 15 when I won a drawing at the library at school to pick out a free book for keeps. I had heard of "Pride and Prejudice" before, so I figured I'd try it out. And that was the beginning of my love of Jane Austen! 

 11) How many of her works have you read? 

I have yet to read Persuasion or Northanger Abbey, but love all the others. 

 12) What do you consider your favorite?

Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book, I have what seems like a million copies of it. Paperbacks, vintage hardback, pocket size, illustrated...

 13) Who are your favorite leads? Feel free to mix a hero and heroine from to separate novels if you wish to.  

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy of course, their relationship is fascinating to watch unfold. 

Although Emma is a close second, because I can relate to her so well. She's been privileged and fortunate, and wants to solve what she thinks are everyone's problems. And a little unintentionally snobby. I wish I could say I was more like Elizabeth, and I think all of us have a little Lizzie in us, but really, I'm an Emma. She's unapologetically flawed. 

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