Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Gems

 I don't have a whole lot to say today, that comes tomorrow in the form of a heroine post/character sketch, so prepare yourself, dear readers for the onslaught of my words! Meantime, I'd like to share with you a "Little Gem" I found whilst reading the dear little book An Old Fashioned Girl. Chapter thirteen, "The Sunny Side"

Now, I give you the thing itself, and let us see if it makes you smile as it did me.
       "Polly sucked her orange in public with a composure that would have scandalized the good ladies of Cranford." 

 Did it? If it didn't I pity you, for you haven't at least watched the series to which it refers. I confess I have yet to read it. How can I when there are so many old favorites to sit and devour?  (There I go again with the food metaphors!) But, I know that I should read all those new things I've heard so much of. I mean where would I be if I hadn't first watched North & South on Netflix one night? I was sooo bored, I felt like watching something "old" (you know what I mean). But I almost didn't!! Crazy right? And now I'm so glad I didn't just skip over it. It has taken over and graced the top of my list of favorite films since then. Not to mention the book itself. But I get way off topic...
  I hope I made you smile, or rather I hope Louisa May Alcott made you smile. I just brought her wit to your attention. I love it when I see that an author admires another of my favorite authors, don't you?

Do you know of any other book references for other well known books? Please share!

 Ta for now!


  1. My little sister is practically addicted to Louisa May Alcott, so this particularly amused me. She came up to me the other day and said "Lauren, guess what??? They talk about Cranford in An Old Fashioned Girl!" She then proceeded to relate the aforementioned quote to me:-) far as other book references in other well known books go, I can only really think of Captain Brown reading Dickens in Cranford! I always found that funny as Mrs. Gaskell's books were published by Charles Dickens. Perhaps she was trying to flatter him:)

    1. Haha, that's pretty cool. My little sis isn't as fond of books 'n' things as I, so she wouldn't even have known what I was referring to.
      I never knew that about Gaskell and Dickens! I guess you learn something new every day!


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