Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ridiculousness and Ramblings

  1. I found another "little gem" in a book. I was reading Anne of the Island and suddenly, said Mrs. Rachel of the substitute schoolmarm "Miss Carson is a very fine girl. There is no nonsense about her." I laughed till I'm sure my sister thought I'd lost my marbles! I was waiting for Anne to say, "Sparkler, be quiet!"
  2. I dare say you know this already but Mr. Collins is a completely ridiculous man. (I took a break from Anne and read P & P over the weekend)
  3. Sneezes only come at the most inconvenient of  times, like when your parents are speaking seriously to you...
  4. It is far to wasy to take things for granted, things like electricity, hot water, internet, etc. It is no fun when they are "un-granted",  as it were.
  5. I am very very excited to see things begin to bloom, even if it does cause sneezing, for it means that spring is nearing!
  6. The amount of housework there is to be done is directly proportionate to how badly I want to "just read one more chapter".

 I grabbed this from Miss Dashwood's blog, Sink Me! because I wanted to give you a reason to laugh. (And a blog just seems empty without a picture)

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