Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh the joys of writing!! (and a semi-clean room)

*egasp!* sniffle*sob* sigh* deep breath! I'm sorry I can just hardly...contain my... *gasp/sob* tears!! Of joy, that is. Oh! it feels so go to be semi-back. I WILL NOT promise anything! But I'm really trying to be "back". I miss this! I hope you missed me too, just a little?
 Anyway, why haven't I been blogging, you may ask. Well, work has been crazy busy, home has been crazy. Just plain crazy. And my room has been an absolute mess as a result of the fact that I cannot seem to learn to put things where they belong as soon as I am done with said thing. I wait till that elusive ''later'' which never comes.
 So, I have these things planned for the future, as far as when, who knows? But 'what' I can give you.
  1.  A movie review on After the Thin Man, or maybe I should start with The Thin Man which came first in the series.
  2. A book report (at least a week apart from the movie review) on one of the following. The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Eight Cousins, Just Ella, or The Royal Diaries series. All of these are young adult/children's books, but I am of the belief that a children's books don't have to be scorned by ''serious'' readers. Besides, if you are taking your reading seriously, you're doing it wrong. *cough* Mr. Darcy *cough*
  3. Rambling Observations, just because I actually really liked writing those.
 And I'm sure I'll think of more, or, as always, if you think of anything you'd like to see/read, comment! Tell me so!! I adore comments.

Oh, sad news, my cat ran away over Independence Day.

And I hope this little bit of Daycare Dialogue (oooh I sense a blog feature, maybe monthly when I've collected enough material) makes your day the way it made mine.

We'll call the little girl who said this "Anne"

Anne: Miss Stephanie, do you like jelly beans?
Myself: Yes, I like 'em a lot!
Anne: how 'bout gummie bears?
Myself: Oh yes! I like gummie bears too.
Anne: Jelly beans come from unicorns.
Myself: Yeah?
Anne: Yeah, an' gummie bears come from pegasuseses.

I hope you've had a good smile, bless God and goodnight!

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  1. Stephanie! Welcome back! I was just thinking about you this morning when I logged into blogger and hoping all was well with you:-) I love the idea of a daycare dialogue post...and rambling observations...and book and movie reviews! :-)


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