Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New Look...

A new name, a new identity!! 

Odd's Fish! How did he get here?

Ahem, I got a little LEETLE carries away there, I do apologize.
The truth is that I have been itching to re-vamp my blog, from the name to the post schedules. I mentioned a bit ago that I was hoping to change the content of the posts because my interests had changed drastically since beginning the whole thing, (over? under?) two years ago now.
Pray for me, gentle readers, that I may have the discipline to stick to a good, consistent routine of posting. To start it may be sparse, but committing to a post or two a week is so much less overwhelming and stressful. I was thinking a review (book/film alternating) every other week. They won't all be period films, but the majority will be. Except once a month when I hope to list four to five sci-fi/action films that I've watched, maybe fewer depending on free time. These lists would include my rating from 1-5, the film rating (G to PG-13) I will rarely view a film I know to be R-rated. Even at twenty I don't feel comfortable with it, I almost didn't watch The King's Speech because of that.
Once a month I may also do a post on modest fashion bloggers that I follow, picking my favorite outfits from them. Every other week I'll be trying to do some post on a daycare-friendly style I've worn.

Aaaannnd, that's all I've got so far. But I'd like to hear what you want more of. Also, what are some things you find helpful in remembering to post consistently? What do you like/dislike about the changes I've made? Please comment!

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