Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Everything is new in the spring....

Springs themselves are always so new, too.  No spring is ever just like any other spring.  It always has something of its own to be its own peculiar sweetness.
Anne Shirley - Anne of the Island

If you couldn't tell by the picture, I'm reading Anne of Windy Poplars. But the only satisfactory quote I could find about spring was in the previous tome of the Anne series.

I took this picture on my break at work today. It was around two thirty in the afternoon and as I was diapering wee lads and lasses (an unromantic occupation, I know. There it is folks, my career choice in all its smelly glory) I looked out the window in front of me and it being slightly opened to freshen the air indoors, I caught a delicious whiff of green grass freshened by yesterdays downpour (And would you believe it? Sunday's snow!) I saw the sun beating down on the baseball field on the other side of the parking lot, I imagined it's warmth on my arms and face and I knew I had to spend my break out in the glorious sunshine. Well, when it came time I garbed myself with my jacket and betook myself to that field with my coworker's warning "Don't get wet", still ringing in my ear.
I walked across the concrete and felt the slight breeze mix with the warm rays of sunlight. As I reached the fence surrounding the field I opened my book and quickly lost myself in Anne's letters to Gilbert.

For the record, Windy Poplars is one of my favorite in this series. Because we have already moved past Anne's struggle to admit feelings for Gil, and we get to see the delightfulness of a real love based on friendship.

Anyway I lost myself in it.... aaaannnnd, stepped right into marshy grass. You see, while it may look  like spring, even feel like spring at times, it is not quiet arrived yet. So, for the next fifteen minutes of my day I paced a short amount of ground in my soggy shoes and imagined I had the toasty-est toes I'd ever walked on and pretended this cold winter was over.
 So I came to earth with a thud and walked into work again with my cold, wet feet. Feeling happier for the few minutes of warm, sunny, imagination I was blessed with today

How is the weather where you are? What are you currently reading? What is your favorite season?

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  1. Spring has finally sprung, and the quote you placed at the top of this quote is perfect!


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