Monday, September 26, 2011

Books and Movies....

I felt like posting twice tonight....obviously.....moving on.

 Lets talk about movies! I love Tangled! (who doesn't though?)

The plague! NO! Yes!

ahem.... also my new favorite period piece is North & South (Book written by Elizabeth Gaskell). I'm ashamed to say that I watched the movie before I read the book, but I didn't know it even existed  until I saw the movie on netflix I watched it to be sure it would be worth reading.... and of course it was better, books usually are.

  (I will probably be dishing on this movie more in my next few blogs.... I'm watching it again )

MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course many of my new favorite songs come straight from the movie Tangled. Like, every song from the movie is on my "favorites" list now. I was so happy that this movie was a musical!


  1. North and South is a lovely drama. *sighs dramatically*

  2. It truly is! They did a wonderful job, and even though the ending isn't true to the book, one tends to like it all the more!


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