Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's good to be back!!

I am sorry. So, so sorry. (A Doctor Who-ism, if you don't get it, I pity you.)
  No, but really I am so happy to be back in the blog-o-sphere, and so sorry I left for the relatively short time that I did. Boy, it sure feels like forever to me!
 What is new since I last typed to you? Not much, except that on the recommendation of a trusted friend, I began watching Doctor Who with my not-so-little-younger-sister. We love it. A lot. What's not to love about a tall, dark, and handsome man who can take you anywhere in time and space on your first date? Especially when he has a British accent, great hair, and a wonderful sense of style! (I mean, four button suit, trenchcoat, and Converse sneakers!?!)    
 Well, that's just David Tennant (Whom you may remember as the Collins-y type character, Rev. Gibson in  He Knew He Was Right. Yeah, he's completely different, don't worry. I haven't even mentioned Christopher Eccleston, who I thought was amazing, and I'm not going to comment on Matt Smith because I am going to hate him at first because David Tennant is gone...
  Oh, my, stars! Did I just really fan-girl for three paragraphs?!? Forgive me? Thanks. On a side note it's fun to identify the period film actors and actresses in just about every episode.
  Okay, moving right along. I think I have something worked out for keeping this thing by this thing you do know that I mean the blog updated. But I'm not going to elaborate or promise anything because just about every time I do something falls through. I am not a very good planner you see. And to that a new job, house work, playing chauffeur, and just in general, this thing called ''growing up'', life is hectic. But I can, and moreover will promise that I am giving my best to work this out. In a way, this blog is living my dream. I want to write and write and write, but a big part of that is having strangers read it. This blog allows me to do that without paying to have my words published! Yippee!
 Soooooo... I'm working on reviews, and general ramblings and hopefully you will see much more of me very soon indeed!
 Till then,
      ♥ Steph

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