Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Film Review: Lincoln

Four of five stars
Rated PG-13

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Let me just say, this guy?? Crushed it!!  Daniel Day-Lewis is Mr.Lincoln. 
This actor is phenomenal and I was very disappointed and surprised to find that he has been in less then thirty films! And even fewer in number are the films that I would watch. Oh well, I'm not sure I could think of him as anything other then Lincoln anyway.

Well, to start things off I am going to emphasis something my dad noticed right away. Spielberg did his research (not to surprising if you know Spielberg [and of course I do, haha!]) What I mean is if you are familiar with Steven Spielberg's other films, you know he pays very close attention to detail, especially when  recreating historical events. 
If you weren't aware of this before, it may come as a shock to you (thanks to the media's misrepresentation of Lincoln) when the actor's first lines come forth and they don't blow you away because of the deep intensity of his voice. 
Why? Because Spielberg is a stickler for details and historically Lincoln had a high, sort of nasally voice. And at the same time you are blown away. Because Daniel Day-Lewis (Should I call him Mr. Day-Lewis or Mr. Lewis??) portrays Lincoln as a man who knows the profound truth in his simple words, and who believes in them wholeheartedly. A man who will not back down, no matter what, when fighting for something he believes to be right.

Notice the blanket? It's not really talked about or emphasized, but it's a subtle background though. Lincoln wears a blanket on his shoulders in just about every other scene. Because during these last few months of his life, as he was trying to pass the 13th Amendment, Lincoln was not a healthy man. He was falling apart because the stress of fighting so hard for equality was too much. 
(I love subtleties)

Okay, so before I ruin the whole movie for you, let me just cut to the chase. I recommend this film. However, keep in mind that it is intense (even though we know how it's gonna end) and there is strong language. If you have seen The King's Speech you can know what to expect, if you haven't, well what's wrong with you?? I give this film four out of five stars. 

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