Friday, June 10, 2011

When the moon hit your eye like a big PIZZA PIE!!!

...that's A'more ! I made pizza to-night, completely from scratch! And it was delicious even if I do say so myself... just kidding. it was nothing special, all I did was follow a reciepe and use fresh ingredients. that in it's self make everything taste better, at least I think so.

   I love reading Jane Austen. It is fun , I suppose, but I'm not big on the "romance" part of the story...okay if I'm honest then I'm BIG  on the romance part. What I meant was it isn't my favorite part. I love the wit, irony and the fiesty-ness of  her heroines. reading Pride and & Prejudice is almost always worth the time and effort. 
   My favorites are Mansfield Park and  Northanger  Abbey.  In Mansfield Park Austen makes fun of the "modern" habit of giving the heroine everything she wanted just because she was a good person and not because she ever worked for it. And in Mansfield Park Austen uses the Gothic novel as her inspiration. Her heroine stays with a new acquaintance and imagines her new friends have many dark secrets she then tries to unfold....and yet again the hero falls in love with her through no effort of her own...

On another note... I'm making myself a Kitty purse...inspired by none other then Solanah over at Vixen Vintage... I hope I've spelled her name right...

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