Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm so very excited!

For awhile now I've been wanting to start my own sort of at home business, and I'm truly on my  way to doing so! I had a little bit of babysitting money saved up last Saturday (I know I should have posted sooner!) so when my family and I went shopping at a few thrift shops around town I was able to pick up a few older books. One of them is actually a first edition so it's worth about $30.

  I loved doing the research and finding out all about these old books. One of them is an old log book my dad says they used to use where he works. But I don't think I'll be re-selling that one, as I like to keep a personal journal, and it would make a delightful 'diary'.

Also, last Thursday was my oldest sisters birthday, so we went to coffee in the morning and then took her kids to the near-by park.

(all pictures taken by my younger sister Danielle)

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  1. what she failed to say was that,all the books she did get,they were about 8$,


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