Friday, October 21, 2011

This is what comes of NOT posting earlier this week....

 I had a whole bunch of stuff to post about....and now I've forgotten...

I do remember that my great uncle came over (down, up?) from Yakima Valley this last weekend and he brought his wife Julie... they just got re-married this last month. It was a sweet time of fellowship with two people who have been brought back to each other and to the Lord.

 I know that I had more but apparently it isn't that important.

And in movies this week we have!...
                                                                                                                        "Blithe Spirit"

Delightfully funny character, Madame Arcati
The story about a happily married couple, when the husband begins to be haunted by his wife, who died of a heart attack during a laughing fit recovering from pneumonia. Yes, really!
While having breakfast with his present wife, the ghost of his first wife appears behind her, causing mischief.

Also, in the spirit of "spooky" movies I watched "The Phantom of the Opera"
         I love this scene...I've always wanted to go to a real masquerade. (NOT  to be confused as a costume party...)

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