Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Post: What's up?

What I'm reading: A Conspiracy of Ravens by Gilbert Morris (Second in the Lady Trent Mystery series)

What I'm listening to: Emma (2009) soundtrack

For your viewing pleasure, the BEST scene in Emma. This music, oh I can't listen to it without smiling

What I last watched: Just Write (A pretty cute movie about screenwriting...I'm keeping it vague...)

What I'm memorizing: All that I need to memorize for work...

What I'm working on: "Stayin' alive, oh oh oh oh Stayin' aliiiive!"

What I'm anticipating: Going to the drive in tonight!

Coming soon: I don't know, because I'm a terribly unorganized person and I haven't worked out a schedule yet...Oh! On my birthday next week I'm going to make a list of some really cool things that happened the year I was born and maybe some sad things that happened. I might include a giveaway. "Then again maybe not."

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