Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rambling Observations

   This seems to be thing I come close to doing regularly! And I'm very sorry about that, I hope all you "loverly" people forgive me? I'll tell you why I've been so very absent these past weeks, if you wish. Well even if you don't wish, but if you'd like, of course you can skip ahead.
  I have been job hunting! And then...I found one!! I started on Thursday at a daycare center close to where I live. A big bonus is that I work with a bunch of Christian ladies, and I can talk about my Savior in front of the kids without getting into any trouble.

  I really can write! I mentioned awhile ago that I would be working on a project next year, and because of that project I would not pick up a work of fiction for the entire year. Well,  have been working on the project a little early. And strangely enough I haven't seen my writing affected by what I read. And I have to think less about what I'm writing then I used to, it flows so much better. The words just come to my fingers. Sometimes I hold the 'backspace' key more then I would wish, but in general I've been satisfied with what I come up with.

  Driving is more fun then I thought it would be. I'd been driving with a permit so long the excitement of driving had worn off. But driving somewhere alone for the first time brought it all back. There is a certain feeling of independence that comes with it. I rather like it. I must be careful nbot to like it too much and let it get to me....

  I'm working on writing a review for a forties movie very soon, it's one of my favorites. But I'm not sure if it will come before next saturday. Please have patience with me as I work out a schedule for blogging that works with my new job and household duties. :)

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