Sunday, January 5, 2014

Confessions, confessions.....

Hello lovelies!
  As this blog is called Confessions of a Used Book Store Waif....I will be confessing some things in this post.

 You may recall that in November I had planned on participating in NaNoWriMo. Well, confession number one is that, although I participated< I failed in completing my novel. I did however get fairly well along before I because overwhelmed with life details and put it on the back burner. For now.
  Then, I told you that I wanted to do a Post-A-Day challenge for my blog in December, but in the last few days of November my grandmother went to the hospital with severe fatigue and breathing problems, that ended up being due to pneumonia. She was put on a respirator to help her lungs function properly and seemed to be getting better. But a few days later, after the doctor had tried to take her off the machine and her lungs still weren't working properly without it, my grandmother asked to be taken off of it anyway. That night she went to be with her Savior, Jesus.
  So the month of December went a little crazy, but I think it was used for good things by the grace of God.

Now, does this mean I am ready to be blogging again this month? No. I would like to take a short (this time planned) hiatus from blogging. I'd like to use the month of January to concentrate on daily Bible reading, and growing closer to my Savior.

 In February I'd like to work on blogging and writing more. I have a small goal for each moth this year, but I'm not going to share them all right now and risk boring you all to death. But I think this is a better way of doing "resolutions" which I never really to into anyway.

 So for now Tootles! And bless Jesus!

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  1. Enjoy you blog break, and time with Jesus, Stephanie! I look forward to when you are back to blogging regularly! :)


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