Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AHHH!! --- I wrote something...

Okay, so I'm super stressed right now when I should just be trusting the Lord, aye? But after I was let "off duty" (watching kids) I went a-walking to relieve the slight ache in my head. I composed a scene in my head. I will rewrite it here, tell me what you think! (It just kinda plunges into the middle of it, your guess is as good as mine as to what has gone on before. But that is more fun, methinks.)

   Miss Anne Potter walked into the drawing room and gave a start at the sight of a gentleman sitting upon the couch. She knew the man well, as an old friend of the family, but it was so unlike him to call on anyone in the family but her father, and he must know that Mr. Potter was from home, that she was several moments in collecting her thoughts.
  Mr. John Elliot was the first to break the silence. "I am sorry to have called at an inconvenient time, but I am to go to London directly. I would not feel quite right if I'd neglected to take my leave of your family."
  "I am afraid, sir, you find that my family has left without taking their leave of you!" She gave a feeble attempt at humor. "They have all left to Bath for my mother's health. The doctor thinks it will greatly improve her. They left in a great hurry to be there, and I have stayed behind to settle trifling affairs."
  "Ah, I see." said John, though he didn't look as if he did. A great deal of confusion was clear in his face, and a little pain. Anne felt a queer little pinch of her heart at the sight and became a little confused herself. "I-I am sorry that I was not in when you called, I had a little head-ache and have been a walk to clear it up."
 He started at her speech as if he had forgotten that she was in the room, and the studied her face intently looking for signs of illness. Apparently finding none, he seemed at the point of taking his leave. At the door he turned as if to say something several times.
  "Please, sit." She motioned again at the couch. "I see you have something to say and you make me nervous pacing like that." This attempt at a smile came closer to the real thing and seemed to help Mr. Elliot, for she saw him nod a little as if resolved to finally have it out.
  "Miss Elliot, we have known each other since we were little ones. You must have seen, that-that is to say, you cannot have been blind to the fact that, well, your company has always been the best in my estimation."
  "As is yours to me, Mr. Elliot. I have always known you to be a sensible man. You seem to be a particular favorite with my father, and that is always something to recommend a man in my favor." If she had been hoping that this speech would help him along, she was mistaken. She saw him make a face of some distress, which, though it held no sign of pain, brought that feeling to her heart at causing a friend uneasiness. She sat for some time looking out the window, trying to find a way to relieve the feeling of, of she hardly knew what, in her heart. It was as if a cold hand had taken hold of her heart at the thought of her one friend going away to London, leaving her alone until she could rejoin her family. That same cold hand gave a little squeeze every time one or the other of them spoke. She was startled out of this reverie when he came and sate down beside her. 

To be continued. . . no I'm kidding!

"Darling Anne, I love you." He whispered. When he grabbed her hand she didn't let go, she just looked at him. Suddenly it was as if the hand around her heart gave a great squeeze, all of the pain was pushed out to make room for the delightful feeling now filling it. Her cheeks grew warm and rosy and her eyes sparkled with unshed tears. When a little smile began to steal across her face he laughed and pulled her into his arms. 
  They sat together for hours talking as only sweethearts can, unaware of the time. Blah blah blah blah.....

You know the rest right? They live happily ever after. (I couldn't stand it otherwise.) Beautiful children come along some day. They get married. It's a never ending cycle. Anyway, I guess that that is my Valentines day story :) 

Thanks for reading! 

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