Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Unexpected Turnout

  To the movie The Hobbit, that is. To all you ladies who have begged the guys in your life (be it father,brother, boyfriend, husband) to sit through a period film with you, in exchange for watching some science fiction or superhero movie, you may actually be a willing participant in this one. For, now you may want to be seated, Thorin Oakenshield is played by none other then Richard Armitage.
  That's right, Mr. Thornton is now a dwarf. He sings too, you can listen here (the preview). For my part I never swoon, faint, or other such nonsense (Oh, I fear Mrs. Bennet would be disappointed) over actors, though I do admire a few for their acting ability when they can act. I am also always happy to hear that such a person can sing, I'd thought such talent was a thing of the past. So, I will say that I am looking forward to seeing him as something other then my favorite literary hero, though he did that role justice.
 Indeed I shall be waiting at home patiently for the movie to come out on DVD,or, as is probable only Blueray by then..

Now, for those of you who read my blog because you want to here about my life, silly creatures, I will tell you what is going on this week. Yesterday I went over to a friends house for her birthday. There was a lot of noise, a lot of sugar, and a lot of fun. I kept my sarcasm to a minimum, and got along splendidly with everyone. To quote a lovely lady, "Yes, well to-day  I agree with everyone."

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