Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Book Review: The Measure of a Heart

It was very good. It developed at a steady pace, and it's development was thorough. It is an ''everyday'' plot, very believable.   

Again, very believable. There isn't really this big climactic mistake, there are lots of little things that happen that they learn from. 

Pretty good. Somewhat choppy at times, but never hard to follow. 

The ''lesson'' in this book was valuing yourself as God does. I was very afraid this was going to be big on self esteem, which I don't think is a good thing. Because think about it, self esteem is about esteeming yourself, usually above others. But Janette Oke did a very good job emphasizing the fact that thinking so little of yourself can cross a line from humility to self-centered-ness if you aren't careful! From the beginning Anna, the heroine, is established as a Godly young woman, but she is deceived by the Enemy into thinking she is keeping God from doing things in peoples life because she isn't good at this or that. By the end, she realizes that God is bigger, and He is in control. She realizes that while God can use her to do good and to be a witness to others for Him, that nothing relies on her. 

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