Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Veggietales Game!

There are five sections to this quiz, and five questions for each section. Different amounts of points will be given for each type of question, but they are listed before each section (Did that make sense?). 
The total you can earn is 300 points!

Silly Songs! 
Which episodes of Veggietales do these silly songs belong to? And what are the titles?
(100 points for this section)





Who Am I?
Who plays these people in these ''mini-sodes''? What movie? And what was the lesson/theme of the episode?
(150 possible points for this section)

1) Dr. Jiggle
2) The Italian Scallion
3) Toto Baggypants
4) Nebby K. Nezzer
5) Sweetpea

Inspired By...
Which Bible stories are these episodes based on?
(50 points)
1) Duke and the Great Pie War
2) Moe and the Big Exit 
(For an extra 5 points, what is the other 'western' that this is a continuation of?)
3) King George an the Ducky
4) Josh and the Big Wall
5) Dave and the Giant Pickle

Who's Line is it Anyhow?
Can you name the characters who says this...
(50 points)

1) ''Can't you just play your harp and I'll throw things at you?''
2) '' Larry, you've got an oven mitt on your head.''
3) ''I'm a talking weed, you're a talking carrot. Your point was?''
4) ''Why is there a piano on my cake?''
5) ''Look, I need a favor from you Julia, first, a chocolate Malta.''

What's my name?
Can you name the character described here?
(50 points)

1) I have a red bow-tie (bow-ties are cool), I'm a foreign veggie.
2) I have very expressive eyebrows, I'm from New Jersey, I hang around with a deep voiced pickle.
3) I am great at math, I used to be very sour, I have freckles.
4)  I have no speaking lines but I play a very important role in every episode, I'm not a veggie.
5) I had a tree house once, I have learned the value of a thankful heart.

I'll review comments, and comment on the post with scores as long as you are answering. I'll post the answers and final scores next Tuesday. Happy Guessing!

P.S. I mixed it up, ''Little Scribble #2'' is tomorrow and the movie review is Thursday. Sorry!!

1 comment:

  1. Miss Laurie! Thanks for playing. Your answers for
    'Silly Songs' were correct, giving you 40 points, feel free to guess on the movies anytime! On 'Who Am I', your answer for number three was 50% correct, you missed the lesson, :). Number 4 was correct, but 5 was incorrect, giving you 50 points. In 'Inspired By', you answers were all correct giving you 30 points, guess on the first two if you want to!
    'Whose Line is it Anyhow?' All your answers were correct giving you 60 points.
    'What's My Name?' All answers were correct! 50 points. Totaled your score is 230 points! Again, thanks for playing!


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