Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

I just got back from dinner out with my family. Including Mom, Dad, my sister Danielle, and my grandparents on my father's side. No special occasion, just a family night out. It was nice.
 I'm sorry what did you ask? I didn't quite hear you. Oh! were does the movie come in? Did we go to the theater? Heavens no! Nothing that good out just at the moment. No, my dear sister, usually so very decidedly against period drama films has been watching some of my favorites with me. We have lately watched Persuasion (1995), Emma (2009), and are now going to watch North and South, my absolute favorite! It has been so very nice to sit and comment on the movie itself and tell her all about why this one is better, &c, and she has been so kind as to act like she is interested and not be annoyed with my endless prattle. (ENDLESS PRATTLE, MOTHER!)
I was very satisfied with Persuasion. I bought it the other night at the grocery store, (I'd seen it on the shelf for ages, determined to wait till after Christmas to buy it. I went back a few weeks ago and I didn't see it, and then when I didn't expect to see it there it was!) Anyway, it was well worth the money spent, and I will post a review soon.
Thank you for reading my prattle, and my not-so-funny Austen jokes :)


  1. Haha, the endless prattle during a movie sounds just like me... your sister must be quite an angel to sit through it! (ANGEL, MOTHER!)
    Heh. Anyway. I do so want to see North and South and Persuasion. Would you care to post a N&S review? I would be most anxious to read it, if you did!

  2. I think it would be so fun to get all of us Period-drama bloggers together to watch something, it would certainly be a sight! We'd pause it every few moments to comment, and nobody would mind very much, imagine, it would take a whole weekend retreat to watch the whole of Pride and Prejudice. Ha! :) Anyway, I will certainly do a review of N & S very soon. You should definitely watch it though (If you have Netflix, it is on instant streaming).

  3. Miss Dashwood,I am most certainly an angel.>.<...I only think my sister would disagree


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