Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For Miss Dashwood

 I believe you might think it terribly rude of me to quote Collins with Knightley

  I simply could not be funny with the Colonel
 It just fit

I guess this movie is good for something. (note: I do like all the actors, but the movie was a disappointment)

These pictures are all entries in Miss Dashwoods contest. I hope you enjoy them. Sorry for all reading this who don't watch period films. I fear 'tis an "Austen" thing, you shan't understand.

 Edit: I forgot to mention that all of these pictures came from the links Miss Dashwood provided. The Sense ans Sensibility from the S & S link, &c,...


  1. These are lovely Stephanie! I laughed so hard at the North & South quote, I love that quote and on Mr. Collins it's hilarious! :)

  2. Laurie,
    I'm glad you enjoyed them :) I saw that picture of Collins, and just knew what the caption had to be!

  3. LOVED that North and South quote!! Amazing!! That is an AWESOME movie!! One of my very favorites!!

  4. Julia,
    Thank you for reading and commenting! I love North and South too! It is my favorite book, though Jane is still my favorite author.


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