Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally! Pictures of my Shelves

This is an ornament my mom gave me after Christmas, I hang it on my shelf because it isn't strictly Christmas-y

I collect certain children's books. Disney's Wonderful World of Reading.

My Barnes & Noble Edition Classics
More childrens book collections.

Janette Oke, in case you can't see the books well enough.
Anne of Green Gables :)

So first, I would like to apologize for the terrible quality photos, I was trying to hurry and get them done. Anyway, about the photos... I love collecting specific series of books (i.e. The good Disney stories, Barnes & Noble's editions, Dr. Seuss.&c.) One of the few series I like, as before mentioned, Anne of Green Gables.  And of course my collection of Janette Oke. I love her Women of the West series. I think my favorite is  Roses for Mama (Which I only have on my Kindle, alas! I love actual page turning.)

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  1. wow stephanie you really do collect books


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