Monday, January 9, 2012

North and South: A Review

 I posted sometime last year, when I found this little gem of a film, that I liked it quite a bit. Perhaps I even said something to the effect that it had the potential to be a new favorite of mine. Well it has become my favorite.
 I have no idea why. It lacks the wit of Austen, though it resembles the P&P storyline. It has it tear-jerking moments, which I usually avoid in movies.  Perhaps it is because Thornton smiles more then Darcy. I really don't know why I like it so much more then anything I've ever watched. I just do.
 I have little fault to find with the script, the costumes, the actors. As a movie, excepting the last scene, it follows the book so closely. (And I almost like the movie ending better, only wishing for the one line Thornton utters to be included. *sigh) Anyway, now unto my real review.

  The story centers on the Hale family. When Mr. Hale, a clergyman, feels he cannot reaffirm as a matter of conscience, he moves his family from the country in the south to an industrial northern town called Milton. This is where we meet the Thornton's and the story gets good ;)

Costumes:  Very good, I believe them to be accurate (though I am certainly not as familiar with this time period as I am with the Regency era, if any who read this knows more please let me know!) I thought the dresses the woman wore were lovely, whether accurate or not and I would be happy looking at pictures for ever so long.

Characters: The characters in the movie were well written and well acted.  The screenwriter(s) really didn't mess with Gaskell's original story or the characters personalities at all.
*SPOILER* I love that in this story there is no real bad guy, save one who is out of the way fast without much trouble. Unlike P&P  we always see both sides of the story, we immediately like both Margaret Hale and John Thornton. Also we sympathize with both sides when it comes to the mill owners and the strikers *END SPOILER*

Scenery: Good, it's not all pretty but it is accurate to the places the story takes place in.

In general, this is a movie/book I suggest all period drama lovers have under their belt. I do not suggest it for viewing with children however as it gets intense and rather dark at times. *SPOILER*At one point Thornton witnesses what appears to an inappropriate affair involving Miss Hale. However, the audience is always aware of the truth *END SPOILER*

Hope this helps!


  1. I just watched this the other day! I will read the book quite soon.

    I love to study old fashions, and I think the dresses are accurate in this film. Although partly how I learn about costumes is watching things such as this. ;-) BBC is usually very accurate though.

    Don't you just love Margaret's hair? Sigh. And Fanny Thornton's open-mouthed look is hilarious.

  2. Yes indeed I do love Margaret's hair! It is always lovely without being overdone or too simple. And Fanny makes me laugh, I just love this movie though and you would be hard-pressed to hear me disliking something about it.

  3. I need to watch this movie again. I saw it once, and just couldn't get into it, which I know probably shocks any period drama fan! I saw it with a fairly large group of friend, however, so perhaps I was too distracted. I shall give it another chance!

  4. Lauren,
    I remember the first time I ever heard about this movie was when my Mom was watching it, and I only saw bits and pieces and wasn't very interested either! Then I got it from the library a while later and watched it from the beginning by myself, and I was very interested. =)

  5. Thanks, Melody! You have encouraged me to get it from the library:)

  6. Lauren,
    I am shocked indeed! Kidding, anyway, the only thing I can say to try to win you over is that my sister (again, decidedly against period films) watched this with me and loved it almost as much as I. Also, if you have a Netflix account, it streams instantly to your computer.


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