Saturday, January 14, 2012

Late Night Shopping Channel

We've all seen the fifteen minute infomercial  for the five CD set of 80's music that nobody remembers. (Well everyone knows the five different clips they play over and over again, but why do you think they repeat them? 'Cause no one recognizes the other ninety-five songs on the CD's!)
 Anyway, if there was a Disney collection this would be it, I think.
  1. Whistle While You Work
  2. High-Ho!
  3. Little April Showers
  4. The Work Song (Cinderelly, Cinderelly)
  5. So This Is Love
  6. All in a Golden Afternoon
  7. A Very Merry Unbirthday
  8. He's a Tramp
  9. Once Upon a Dream
  10. Cruella DeVille
  11. The Bare Necessities
  12. I Wanna Be Like You
  13. Scales & Arpeggios
  14. Oodallaly
  15. Part of Your World
  16. Be our Guest
  17. Something There
  18. Never Had a Friend Like Me
  19. Prince Ali
  20. Zero To Hero
  21. Won't Say (I'm In Love)
  22. I'll Make a Man Out of You
  23. Girl Worth Fighting For
  24. Strangers Like Me
  25. Perfect World (Begins and Ends With Me!)
  26. Dig A Little Deeper
  27. When Will My Life Begin
  28. I See the Light
Not every movie soundtrack was included on this list, but these are my favorites. You'll notice the list is sadly lacking in the love songs of the movies (Love songs tend to be slow in Disney films. I don't usually like slow songs). But, tell me what your favorites are!



  1. Great list! My Disney favorites include Beauty and the Beast, I see the Light, A Whole New World, Once Upon a Dream, Won't Say (I'm in Love), and many more. I also really like listening to all the songs that Mother Gothel sings in Tangled, simply because she has an incredibly beautiful and strong voice:-)

  2. Heehee, you do NOT know what you're getting into by asking me to list my favorite Disney songs. Here goes...
    (If I could make a Best of Disney CD, this is what it would be.)

    -Beauty and the Beast
    -Something There
    -Under the Sea
    -Kiss the Girl (the Broadway version)
    -The Morning Report (Broadway again)
    -I See the Light
    -Little April Showers
    -Your Mother and Mine
    -Following the Leader
    -Second Star to the Right
    -You Can Fly!
    -Lavender Blue
    -So Dear to My Heart
    -Spoonful of Sugar
    -Let's Go Fly a Kite
    -Feed the Birds (did you know that was Walt Disney's favorite?)
    -Prince Ali
    -A Whole New World
    -The Bare Necessities
    -Sing, Sweet Nightingale
    -Cinderella (main title music)
    -Hail to the Princess Aurora
    -Love is a Song
    -Colors of the Wind
    -Just Around the Riverbend

    That was long... haha, told you so. :)
    Thanks for posting this, it made my day!!

  3. Lauren, I love Mother Gothel too, (I actually looove all the songs of Tangled. To the point of annoying my family by replaying them on youtube) But I tried to limit myself to two songs from each movie.

    Miss Dashwood, I'm very glad you enjoyed my post. It makes my day that I made you day ;) And you have a great list. (I only included animated movies, but if I'd remembered Mary Poppins I'd have included it, and others, as well)

    Does that makes sense? I hope so!


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