Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions of a Teenage Book-a-holic

Happy 2012, everyone! A wonderful way to start the year, in church, fellow-shipping, praising and learning about Jesus.
Anyway, I am not  big on the yearly resolution things, but this year I decided against my inclination to make a few. First I was going to try to be funny and say something like, "I resolve not to make resolutions! Oh no! I already broke it!" or "Since I always fail, I resolve to gain ten pounds." ;). Instead, I decided to be serious and make a few resolutions, so without further a-do, here they are.
  1. Write at least one short story every month. (Posted on the blog.)
  2. Read one new book every month. Write a review.
And of course a few others that have nothing to do with blogging.

  1.  Journal more often.
  2. Pick up a few good habits, drop bad ones (ex. small things like using less slang, going to bed earlier &c.)
  3. Be more sociable. (It's been said about me that I am somewhat of a hermit, and I've said about myself that I am not a people person. I want to change that.)
And a few more things you might see more of this year include, character sketches (some characters from my own imaginings may show up!), recipe posts (I have a Book Lover's Cookbook by Wenger and Jensen) , and more if I gain readers, or my current readers request anything. Thank you all for reading! Tomorrow is my first blogging anniversary, so I'll try to think of something clever and fun in celebration.

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