Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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I told you in a previous post that I'd finished The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I found it delightful, and I recommend it for all great readers out there. I shan't do a review at present, for if you wish to no what the book is like, think exactly of the movie (hardly any different), and if you've yet to see the film I suggest you do so at once. (There is minimal swearing, and that, if I remember correctly, is the worst part of the whole film)

Also, many thanks to you fellow bloggers who've purposed to post positive papers (I know they aren't papers, really) on Little Dorrit (How's that, Mrs. General, for shaping my lips???).
I am nearly finished with the series and I am very happy with it as of yet.
I fear I never gave Dickens a proper chance. I think though that it was a result of his being rather too good at what he did. He portrayed human nature all too well. His evil being were indeed evil, those sad characters make me cry, and I feel such heartbreaking pity for the pitiable characters that I want to throw it away. Why? Because if I pick up a work of fiction, it is to be amused. I wish to escape this wretched, ugly world for a few minutes and pretend that things end well sometimes. Anyway, Dickens ends up being somewhat of a downer because he was so brilliant. However, if one has the patience and is prepared to feel sad many times in the process, he is well worth reading/watching

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  1. My sister was not at all fond of Dickens, but I talked her into watching Little Dorrit with me on her last vacation, and she loved it! I'm glad you are enjoying it. :) Your alliteration with P's made me laugh...Mrs. General drives me somewhat crazy.

  2. The Princess Bride is one of my favorite films... so pretty and amusing and Practically Perfect in every way!
    Please do post more about your adventures with Little Dorrit... did you enjoy perusing the part about Mr. Pancks? :)
    Now Mrs. General must be quite proud of me!

  3. Lauren,
    I am warming to Dickens, and I ended up loving Little Dorrit. I think Matthew M was well suited for this role (the gentle, caring, and smiling young man), unlike other roles...*cough. And I'm very glad I made you smile :)

    Miss Dashwood,
    I'm afraid her happiness would be short lived, for you seem too sensible to be in her good graces for long. Such a frilly, nonsensical woman. Heavens! She was annoying, but she afforded me the occasional smile, for which I must be grateful.
    Also, I think you would enjoy the book Princess Bride it is charming.


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