Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Year!

I can hardly believe it has been a whole year, and then I think, "It has only been a year?". At times I feel like blogging is such a normal part of my life that I must have been doing it for my entire life. And then I feel like such an amateur, pretending I'm some big thing in the blogging sphere. (As you can see I have mixed feelings.)  Whatever my thoughts are, I am very glad that there are at least a few out there who enjoy sitting down and reading the opinions, thoughts, and doings of little old me.
I was going to give you a sample of my writing, but my old computer kicked the bucket recently and I just realized I never backed up the few stories that were on it. Now, for the most part this isn't a bad thing. But I had one little treasure on it that I was a least a little proud of, and as some of you I'm sure are well aware, when you try to re-write or re-draw or  redo any piece of art you were particularly happy with, you can't. However I am trying. I will not give up on my darling first-born (I do believe it was the first thing I'd seen through to the end.) and maybe someday you shall see it.
For now, you must content yourselves with a glimpse into my library. (I collect books you know, teehee)
First I'll tell you my favorites, then show you pictures of my actual collection.

Author: Jane Austen (of course) I find her refreshing, amusing, and realistic. I have yet to find an author(ess) writes such relate-able characters, or one that can write romance without overdoing it.

Book: Believe it or not, it isn't one of Jane's. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I really don't know why I like this so much, it's much the same as reading Pride and Prejudice without the wit. Being that I like the wit so much, not to mention P & P  is nearing the bottom of my favorites list, it makes no sense. However, I find Thornton more likable then Darcy, perhaps because of his love and respect for his family, no matter how tactful they are (or aren't). I also feel that Margaret Hale is less arrogant then Eliza Bennett

Series: I usually do not like books series at all! They drag on so very long, and usually you find yourself mourning the loss of a favorite character because the author(ess) had to keep it interesting somehow. However, I love the Anne of Green Gables series. Sidenote: Disappointed in the movie series, but only as an adaptation, not a stand alone movie series.

Children's Book: Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass,&c. or Dr. Suess. Because I love nonsense.

Alas! after writing the above, I have discovered that there is no usable camera. Next post, I promise!

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