Monday, January 23, 2012

Disney Blog Buttons Contest

Alright, I enjoyed this contest by Miss Dashwood so very much. I decided to do one myself. I'd been thinking about doing some sort of contest for awhile, and many things came together to persuade me to chose this contest. 1) Being snowed in, watching Disney with my niece 2) watching Beauty and the Beast 3D with my friends after church yesterday 3) Miss Dashwood's contest being so fun. &c...
 Anyway, here are my rules
  1.  The picture must be Disney, however the caption/quote can be from period or other Disney films, or from books, or (last one, I promise) song lyrics.
  2. Things must be clean or they will NOT be excepted. 
  3. Post a comment with the web address that will take me to your entries
  4. "You will be limited as to number, only three." Mostly kidding, up to five per person please! 
Other things which are not rules but maybe should be said,
  1.  This website is a great place to get your pictures
  2. I suggest using Picnik, however, if you don't like it I would say check out Miss Dashwood's post, she had a few other suggestions
  3. In entering this contest you are giving me permission to post the winning picture on my blog, if you don't want me to do this don't enter the contest.
  4. In two weeks I will pick two pictures and you can vote for your favorite. The winner will be, um, posted on my blog. Did I just say that?
Here is my little thing, I hope you are inspired! 
     Erm, I think that's it... Ta for now!


    1. I finally got mine made:)
      It was fun:)

    2. This sound lovely Stephanie! I'm going to think about this a bit and see if I can't come up with some. I do love Disney films! Your Lady and the Tramp button is so sweet and cute! :)

    3. Thank you ladies! This is Stephanie, but my computer is having issues. Lauren yours are lovely :) and Miss Laurie I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    4. I've created four entries--this looks like such fun!

      I really liked your Lady and the Tramp picture. I'd like to ask permission to use it at my caption blog ( if that's okay (of course, I'd cite you as the creator. :))

    5. again this is Stephanie

      Miss Dashwood, thank you for your entries and of course you can use my Lady and the Tramp picture :)

    6. I thought Miss Dashwood's contest was so fun, even though I didn't enter, I saw most of the ones who did! There were so many funny buttons!
      Well, this time, I decided to make some, since Disney's more my thing.
      So anyways here's the link to my entries:

      P.S. I love the one you made! Oh and I hope using Enchanted was okay.

    7. Hi Stephanie!

      What a great idea! :) Here are my entries:

      Thanks for hosting this contest. :)

    8. Hey Stephanie, I hope I'm still in time to enter. I had a lot of fun making buttons!
      Here are my entries:

    9. AAHHH! Still me ladies! Though Google is on it's way to acting right for me, is it acting up for any of you?
      Anyway, Bea, thank you for entering, your creations are delightful :)

      belle's beast, thank you for stopping by! and I loved your pictures.

      Miss Laurie, it's not too late :) Your pictures were highly diverting.

    10. Can the quote be from the same movie? Also, is there a deadline?

    11. Jessie, yes the quote can come from the same movie, and the deadline is two weeks from the day I posted about it :)

    12. Hi Stephanie! These were so fun to do! :)

      Tess K.

    13. One more question: Is it alright to have multiple shots in one picture?

    14. Never mind... here are my entries:

      I had so much fun! thanks for hosting this.

    15. Sorry Ladies! I've been super busy!!!
      Jess, yes that's okay, I know my answer is late :( I love your buttons and thanks for entering.

      Tess K, Thank you for entering! Awesome buttons!

    16. Hope I'm not too late! I only had time to make one blog button, so here it is:


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