Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Inner Elinor

 I went shopping after church at one of the local antique-ish malls, called New 2 You. I usually "window shop" there, occasionally finding books or movies to add to my collection. However, today I went in with a mission. To find myself a decent looking bookshelf (my room has almost completely turned into a library/study, I love it!) because I am running out of room on the shelves on my wall. I didn't find myself a bookshelf, however I was sorely tempted to spend all my money on one of the most beautiful dresses I'd seen, ever. It was a blue-grey striped dress with a hand-made lace collar. From the 1870's! I had enough in my purse at the time and almost snatched it up, but a little sensible voice in my head whispered things about how it was far too long, the waist too small, and besides it would just sit in my closet- here the other, more sensational voice spoke, saying that it would be so very romantic to have such a thing, even if I never wore it. To sit and imagine the elegant woman who once wore it. To think of the dancing, courting, and other such happy things that happened to the woman who took such wonderful care of her clothes (it really was in such wonderful condition).
 Fortunately, about the time I came to the conclusion that it would be okay, a gentlemen was seen carrying it out. It was gone! That quickly!
 The sensible voice again whispered to me. I knew it was okay, that I would be glad to have the money still in my purse when I found a good sturdy shelf for my room. However, I believe the part of me that is Marianne, will always feel a pang of regret.

 Soon after this missed opportunity, I came across a hardback print of Sense & Sensibility by Barnes & Noble (the series I collect), in like-new condition. For only $2.50, I believe that it is a purchase even Elinor would approve.


  1. Wow- a dress from the 1870's! That is amazing...I'm guilty of staring at antique dresses on Etsy, and dreaming about buying them:) Congratulations on your book find. I collect several authors in Everyman's Library and always love to find a bargain:) I've enjoyed reading through your blog!

  2. Lauren,
    Thank you for reading my blog! And commenting :) I'm very glad you enjoy it.
    I collect B&N editions because they have very plain covers, once I take the dust jacket off, I can't stand dust jackets. And I'm guilty of looking at such things on Etsy too!

  3. Ahh! It's a pity you didn't take a picture of the dress for us all to see! I would have been very tempted to buy it as well, although I could use it (if it fit me, which it probably won't) to got to a local Victorian ball that's hosted every spring. =)

    But I'm glad you got a copy of S&S for a good price. =) These sorts of finds are exciting in their own right.

  4. Melody, Unfortunately I do not own a camera, or there would have been pictures! Also if it fit I would have found ways to wear it! Where is the Victorian ball? I cannot find one anywhere near me :(

  5. Apparently it was the local Civil War group that started hosting the ball, and have only had it for the last few years. There's also an English Country Dancing ball in the fall. I didn't know about the ECD group until I met a friend who knew about it; before that I had no idea there was anything around! You could try Googling English Country Dancing along with where you live and see if anything comes up. Maybe you could start one yourself! =) The one I was talking about isn't exactly advertised to the public, so if there's anything like that near you it may be hard to find. :-/

  6. Thank you, Melody. I have searched for some information on Google, and found that there is a Jane Austen ball in Oregon. Several young ladies I know want to plan a road trip some day to go. Also I found that one group(possibly the same) hosts a Jane Austen retreat in the winter. I will research and write a post on it soon.

  7. Do you live in Oregon? (You don't need to answer that, haha)

  8. No, one of the adjacent states. :) I have yet to find any Regency or other inspired ball in my own state.


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